G7 Sin Ma Live Seafood Restaurant (Geylang)

You may have heard of the famous frog leg porridge place in Geylang. And yes, this is the same restaurant we are talking about. This time, we are here for their Salted Egg Crabs which seems like a simple dish (just stir fry crabs with salted egg yolks) but the simplest dish can also be the most challenging one to prepare. Fortunately, the crabs did not disappoint and in fact surpassed our expectations. My hunt for GOOD salted egg crabs has finally ended.
Steamed bamboo clams with minced garlic
Loved its chewy texture. Fresh and juicy. The minced garlic enhanced the sweetness of the clams which was marvellous. Not the best I had tried but still good on its own.
Lobsters in salted/fermented soy bean paste
My friend said this was too salty. Being an ultra savoury fellow who loves Teochew porridge with rich, salty ingredients, this was very much what I’d savour with rice or porridge. The lobster meat was so juicy and succulent. Not overly cooked, definitely not tough at all. The chinese parsley lent its fragrance to the dish and went so well with every bite of the lobster.
Salted egg crabs
This was what we were here for. Huge Sri Lankan crab that was full of sweet and juicy meat. We were in search of a dry version of salted egg crab as most places served it slightly creamy or saucy and this was exactly what we wanted! Very well prepared dish. Only salted egg yolks were used so the dish wasn’t salty at all. The female crab had so much roe that came in small mouthful pieces (not loose bits) that we felt a bit sickly of it. Ultimate cholesterol overload. But no regrets for sure.

All seafood subject to market prices so ask when you order. Don’t forget to order their refreshing home-made sour plum drink too. We had at least 2 glasses per person! It was that good 🙂

G7 Sin Ma Live Seafood Restaurant 新马活海鲜餐馆
161 Geylang Road Lorong 3 #01-01/02
Tel: 6743 2201
Opens: 5.00pm to 4.00am daily


  • Hubby says:

    Looks exquisite! Can't wait to come here to try the crab with you next time.

  • J says:

    If you or your hubby drives, can consider driving up to Malaysia. Cheaper and fresher there and the two times I tried salted egg crab was grainy kind (think that is the dry version you referring?)

    And, congrats on your wedding 🙂 Wishing you a blissful marriage!

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