Gram Cafe & Pancakes Singapore

Decided to give Hubby a treat at Gram Cake & Pancakes. Had walked past it so many times before and he kept saying how much he wanted to try their souffle pancakes. And yep, the moment I was off my low-carb/no-sugar diet, we just had to come here. One thing off his wish list, woohoo! ?

Gram Cafe & Pancakes Singapore

Gram Cafe & Pancakes have two outlets in Singapore. One at Waterway Point in Punggol and the other at Vivocity.

Gram Cafe & Pancakes Singapore

We visited the one at Waterway Point, which was located on Level 1. Absolutely not crowded at all on a weekday afternoon just before peak dinner time.

To order, just need to scan the QR code on the table. Quite annoying that there were no prices indicated on the hard copy menu so you’d still have to refer to the digital version.

However if you’re ordering their Premium Pancakes, you’d have to do that separately by first letting one of the staff know as it would take time to prepare.

Note that they do not serve complimentary water here. Their alkaline water is priced at $2.90++.

Earl Grey Lavender Tea $5.90

Unknown brand of tea bag. Can request for hot water refill.

Gram Cafe & Pancakes Singapore

Gram Hamburg Pancakes $20.90

First time trying out regular pancakes as burger buns. Much to our surprise, the combination turned out not bad.

The pancake burger consisted of a beef patty (made from real meat, not the overly processed kind), bacon, tomato and a sunny side up. Beef patty was nicely seasoned, not dry at all. The pancakes were fluffy, soft and had a lovely salted butter flavour.

Liked that the egg yolk was runny. We poured the brown sauce over the patty. Was savoury and flavoursome. Overall, this burger was pretty satisfying.

Sides included a salad with sesame dressing and herbed potato chunks. Mediocre. There were a few potato pieces that weren’t cooked properly and were still quite hard to bite into.

Gram Cafe & Pancakes Singapore

Premium Pancakes $18.90

We were quite amused to see the staff trying to balance this plate of wobbly pancakes while walking towards our table with it. At one point, I thought the top piece was going to topple but all arrived safe and sound, lol.

The pancakes were soft and light. Texture wise, not quite what we expected as they were slightly overdone and hence were quite dry. But they tasted good when paired with the syrup and cream. The latter really added richness, smoothness, creaminess and moisture to the otherwise ‘drier’ pancakes.

Our only gripe? That mound of butter on top was solid hard so it was almost impossible to spread it over the pancakes properly.

*Prices indicated above are before 10% service charge and 7% GST. Wet tissues are charged at $0.30 each before taxes.

Final thoughts

Decent experience. Service staff was polite and friendly.

Probably still preferred the souffle pancakes we had at Raohe Night Market in Taipei, which were made perfectly (slightly underdone) and hence were all moist and delicious. Besides that, we also like the pancakes from Belle Ville Pancake Cafe more than Gram Cafe’s. Only came to Gram Cafe because it was near to where we live. Overall prices were on the higher side. For the same price, we could probably get better cafe nosh or pancakes elsewhere. However, if you’ve never been to Gram Cafe, it’s still worth checking it out once. Gotta try it to know if you like it.

Gram Cafe & Pancakes Singapore
83 Punggol Central
Waterway Point West Wing, #01-64
Singapore 828761
11.00am to 9.30pm daily

(65) 321 3418



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