Grill & Pasta @ Sembawang Hill Food Centre

I’ve switched from Asian cuisine to Western food recently since coming back from my holiday. Probably because I’ve eaten way too much of these noodles and rice dishes in my last trip that my usual cravings for them are gone, haha. Well I’m sure that’s just temporary. ?

Trying to get back on track with my exercise routine again as I’ve put on extra pounds from all that food-ventures! ? Hub and I started by going on a long walk and ended up at the Sembawang Hill Food Centre. Thought we would take a break there to rest our feet and grab a drink at the same time. Even went on to get an early dinner as we wanted to get it done and over with so we could continue our journey later.

Grill & Pasta @ Sembawang Hill Food Centre

Most of the stalls were closed and there weren’t many choices to pick from so we settled for western food at Grill & Pasta.

Grill & Pasta @ Sembawang Hill Food Centre - Menu

The menu actually looked good with a decent selection of pastas. And I already knew what I wanted, haha.

Grill & Pasta @ Sembawang Hill Food Centre

I ordered the Alfredo ($6.50) which I thought would be the most apt choice for me. Really missing my favourite Fettuccine Alfredo that I had totally swooned over during my cruise on Sapphire Princess. And it was that trip that made me fall in love with Alfredo all over again, haha. So much for wanting to lose the extra pounds! ?

Grill & Pasta @ Sembawang Hill Food Centre

I wasn’t expecting a spectacular meal but this Alfredo from Grill & Pasta was pretty delicious and very satisfying. The cream sauce was tasty, nicely balanced and not cloying. In fact, before the dish was brought to our table, I could already get a whiff of that rich, creamy aroma when the chef was preparing it.

The spaghetti was also perfectly cooked, not overly soft or soggy at all. There were chicken breast meat and ham in this. Sauce was ample. Very good! ??

Grill & Pasta @ Sembawang Hill Food Centre

J ordered the Grilled Chicken ($6.50) that came with penne pasta.

Grill & Pasta @ Sembawang Hill Food Centre

Just look at that crispy crust. The grilled chicken tasted like siu yok (roasted pork) with a really crispy, salted skin. There were hardly any fats beneath the skin. The fats were most likely rendered off during the grilling. Despite that, the meat itself was still moist although it was quite thin.

I wasn’t a huge fan of that penne pasta though because the tomato sauce had an overpowering taste of canned tomato paste. The broccoli in it was overcooked and had lost its crisp too.

Will I be back? You bet. No reason not to come back because prices are ver reasonable. And I must say, this is one of the better Western stalls I’ve tried in a hawker centre too. I will most probably order the Grilled Chicken next time but will request to change the tomato penne to a cream penne or spaghetti instead. ?

By the way, if you come to Grill & Pasta from Tuesdays to Fridays between 12 to 3pm, you can get free cheese topping with every pasta order.

Grill & Pasta
Grill & Pasta
590 Upper Thomson Road
#01-34 Sembawang Hill Food Centre
Singapore 574419
12.00pm to 2.00pm
5.30pm to 8.30pm
Tues to Sun (Closed on Mon)

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