Happy Birthday to me!

The husband gave me a surprise gift last night. It was a Pentax brand retro-style camera and my all-time favourite Forever Friends bear card. I was very touched that my husband managed to find this particular camera because it’s not a popular brand in Singapore. In fact, shops that carry Pentax cameras did not even have this particular model but he still managed to track it down after all the effort of calling camera shops all around Singapore. And the icing on the cake was his message in the birthday card that really brought tears to my eyes. He said I’m now a new person. I can feel it too. I can feel myself walking out of those unpleasant memories. I can feel myself breathing better. I can feel the load getting lighter. He said he is lucky to have me in his life because true love only comes once in a lifetime. I think I’m luckier because I have him in my life. I wouldn’t be here writing if he hadn’t been by my side these 2 years, always pushing me on. He has done so much for me but has never expected anything back in return. He has sacrificed a lot for me but has never complained about it.

I have a love-hate relationship with birthdays because I can never forget those consecutive years when I spent my birthdays in anguish and tears. This year I am a lot calmer than before and I no longer dread the day because a few people in my life made me understand I come to this world for a good reason.

Anyway, a birthday ought to be a happy occasion so I shall not dwell into the depressing or emotional side of things. The husband has taken the day off tomorrow and has planned an itinerary for a day out. I can’t wait.

Here’s my vintage baby…I just love its 70s retro look. Silver-black, brass and leather.

IMG_9064 IMG_9085

Its size is considered quite big for a digital compact but I like the size because I have big hands so this gives me a really good grip as compared to those really slim and small cameras.


I find the manual flash really cute, lol.


Nice, big LCD screen…


that can be tilted all the way to 90 deg so I can do shots from lower ground without lying down. Perfect for capturing a tall building or structure.

And it has scene settings for food photography too that enhances saturation and contrast. What I really like is its wide aperture lens and high shutter speed, good ISO performance and RAW image file format that gives high quality images.

Thank you hubby for this wonderful gift!


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