I Love You, Grandma 我爱你, 嬷嬷

I realised I have written poems for a couple of special people in my life but I’ve never penned one for Grandma. If you’ve read my earlier post about my Grandma, you’d know how much she means to me.

I was a lonely child. And only my Grandma held my hand. I really wish I could have done more. But this would always be my greatest regret.

Even though Grandma won’t have the chance to read this poem now. I’m very sure she still will one day.

I Love You, Grandma 我爱你, 嬷嬷
by Geri Tan

I know you’ve been watching over me
Like stars shining brightly in the sky
Of course I hope you can understand
Vows and promises are meant to be kept
Everyone will do their best to make things right
给我力量与爱 勇敢前进
Give me strength and love to fight ahead
Reasons to live my life again
Across thousands of miles and seasons
Now you’ve found the way to better days
Don’t ever forget me and the
Moments we once shared
Always and forever, you’ve a space in my heart

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