Ilmaz Western – Tasty food at heartland price

I just realise there are so many treasure pots in Coffee City at Blk 728 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6. This is probably the third time I am blogging on a stall in the same coffee shop. Most of the time, I am carried away by the fragrance of the claypot rice or wholesome goodness of the healthy soup and have not paid much attention to this western food stall that is chucked in the left corner. With this, it doesn’t mean it is not popular. While I frequent this coffee shop, I’ve experienced countless times of bad hair day (in a good way) as plates and plates of hot sizzling steaks and lamb chops go by my way. I told myself to try it one day and finally I did.
Hot Plate Grill Chicken ($6.00)
When this was served, we were pleasantly surprised because it definitely looked nothing like the picture on their signboard. I didn’t expect this grill chicken to be that saucy. The sauce was very savoury. I couldn’t quite tell it was pepper or mushroom sauce or perhaps a combination of both but the sauce sure went well with the meat and fries. The portion of the chicken was generous and the meat was tender and very juicy. The crinkle cut fries were wonderfully fried. I had expected them to be soggy as they appeared to be soaked in sauce but I supposed the chef meant it that way so you can slurped the sauce clean.
Country Mixed Grill ($8.00)

For this price, the portion was really huge and well worth the value. There were beef steaks done medium, lamb chops, chicken chops and two halves of fried cheese sausage, served with coleslaw and a bunch of fries at the bottom. The meat were exceptionally tender. I especially love the lamb chops which were free of mutton smell which I hate. Cuts of meat were good with little fats. The coleslaw was fresh and crunchy and the sausage was also surprisingly good as cheese oozed out slightly when I bit into them.

The chef or boss operates as a one-man show. It was quite impressive seeing how he multi-tasked in taking orders, serving customers, cooking and collecting money/returning change. He was scurrying everywhere like a busy squirrel but was friendly to his customers. Will definitely come back again.

Perfect meal that won’t burn a hole in the pocket. Why go to an expensive steak house when you can satisfy your cravings in the heartland?

Ilmaz Western
Blk 728 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
Coffee City #01-4200
Opens: 11.30am to 11.30pm daily


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