Jack’s Place Steak House & Restaurant

A homegrown brand which I grew up with. My childhood bestie’s mum whom I also addressed as ‘Mummy’ used to work as a captain at the Ang Mo Kio outlet. I remembered those days after school when I would take the bus with my bestie to the restaurant for some complimentary munchies. We were little kids (barely 9 or 10). We only knew how to enjoy dishes like seafood au gratin, fish & chips and whatever we found fascinating on the menu. ‘Mummy’ had passed away for many years and this restaurant always reminded me of her wearing her black uniform and always serving customers with a big smile.
 Lobster bisque ($5.00)
My bestie got me hooked on this. Funny thing was that not many people liked this when I recommended it because they’d say it tasted fishy, etc. I couldn’t quite describe its taste. Its colour looked tomato-based but it didn’t quite taste like tomato. It was smooth and creamy with a strong crustacean flavour. I loved the lobster (probably slipper lobster) bits at the bottom which were crunchy and fresh. Need no further pepper seasoning. I enjoyed dipping my good old home-style garlic bread into the soup. Yummy.
Mushrooms with slipper lobster & crab meat ($9.50)
Saw this on the menu and thought it sounded interesting. Anyway, I love anything baked with cheese. These tasty morsels were served piping hot on a small frying pan. I was surprised how all ingredients went so well together. The mushrooms were tender, sweet and juicy. The slipper lobster & crab meat were light and added a nice seafood flavour to the mushrooms which were evenly topped with cheese and perfectly baked. Very good combination indeed. I enjoyed this dish much.
U.S. Harris Ranch Top Sirloin Steak ($23.50)
The hubby ordered a medium sirloin steak. However it was almost a medium well so it lacked that pinky centre which he preferred. Nevertheless, the steak was tender and the meat was smooth. Quite a good quality slab of beef. Needless to say, baked potatoes with loads of sour cream, bacon bits and spring onions will never go wrong.
N.Z. Silver Fern Farm T-Bone Steak ($20.50)

I ordered a medium T-bone steak which arrived with a nice pinky centre. It was a humongous 350g portion that looked really big. I was like, “Oh gosh, I’m sure not going to finish it!” when it was served. And true enough, the hubby helped himself to it at the end. But it wasn’t really a fantastic cut of beef anyway and most parts contained veins and were difficult to cut and chew so in the end, a huge T-bone with traces of meat here and there was still lying on the hot plate. I didn’t feel compelled to chew off the remaining bits.

After all, it was still a decent meal. Though I wish I had ordered ribeye instead.

Jack’s Place Steak House & Restaurant
Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
Tel: 6338 8292
Opens: 11.00am to 10.30pm daily

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