Jumbo Seafood Restaurant @ Riverwalk

A night craving for chilli crab brought us to Jumbo @ Riverwalk. This is of course one of my frequently visited Jumbos because of its accessible location as compared to its other outlet at East Coast Seafood Centre. A nice restaurant situated next to the Singapore River, it is almost always filled with locals and tourists, cladding on non-woven material type of bib aprons as they go hands on with their crabs and fried buns.
Jumbo Seafood Restaurant @ Riverwalk
Bamboo clams with minced garlic
The clams were slightly more chewy than that of Mellben’s. Sweet and fresh. The vermicelli soaked up the juices of the clams and were rather tasty. But overall, I still found it lacking a wow factor. Probably I’m biased again. I still love Mellben’s.
Jumbo Seafood Restaurant @ Riverwalk
 Deep fried crispy baby squids
A bit overcooked so they weren’t as crispy as I expected them to be. In fact, were a bit hard to chew. Taste was quite alright. This would make a good snack to go with beer.
Jumbo Seafood Restaurant @ Riverwalk
Scallop wrapped in yam ring
Probably the best dish of the entire dinner. The scallops were fresh. The yam were soft and kind of melted in the mouth. The combination of the sweetness of the yam and the scallop went so well together. Match made in heaven.
Jumbo Seafood Restaurant @ Riverwalk
Fried prawns with cereals
The cereals were nicely fried and gave the dish a good fragrance. Prawns were not fantastic. I found them a bit dry. I’d probably try the salted egg prawns next time.
Jumbo Seafood Restaurant @ Riverwalk
Chilli crab
Much starchier than I wanted it to be. Otherwise, it’d be perfectly tasty. Most times I ate here, the chilli crabs were perfectly done but somehow this particular gravy was more like gluey paste. Crab was sweet and fresh though despite it being slightly smaller in size.
Jumbo Seafood Restaurant @ Riverwalk
Fried buns (or man tous)
Nicely fried buns for dipping into the chilli crab gravy. I could eat a few more of this!
Jumbo Seafood Restaurant
The Riverwalk
20 Upper Circular Road #B1-48
Tel: 6534 3435
Website: http://www.jumboseafood.com.sg
Opens: 12.00pm to 3.00pm, 6.00pm to 12.00am daily

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