King Roti – The King of All Buns

There was a time in Singapore when Mexican coffee buns were really popular. I remembered trying those from Rotiboy but I wasn’t super impressed with them – they tasted like regular buns with crispy topping. Anyway, Rotiboy had already ceased operation here a long time back though you can still find them in Malaysia.

King Roti

When I came across King Roti in Hanoi, I didn’t immediately have the impulse to buy the buns to try. It was only during one night when Hubby and I were feeling peckish but we didn’t want instant noodles or anything from the convenience store that we decided we would get the buns here.

King Roti

Brought them back to our hotel room to enjoy. The moment I tore open the paper bags, our room was filled with this fresh bread aroma that was so enticing.

King Roti

We bought one of each flavour that was available that night – Chocolate, Matcha Coffee, Vanilla Coffee and Salty Cheese (14,000 VND each). Each bun was packed in individual paper bag.

All the buns had crispy top crusts while the bun body itself was soft, fluffy, moist and warm.

The Matcha Coffee Bun had an intense aroma of green tea while the inside was buttery and delicious.

The Vanilla Coffee Bun had a lovely hint of vanilla flavour and tasted mildly sweet. It also had a buttery middle.

King Roti

I loved the Chocolate Bun that was filled with molten chocolate in the middle. Who can resist that?

King Roti

I totally enjoyed all the buns but I must say my favourite of all had got to be the Salty Cheese Bun. While I couldn’t make out the cheese flavour, it was so oily, buttery and fragrant. Very shiok and comforting to eat for supper on a cool night!

Now I know why I didn’t like Rotiboy’s version that much in the past because the butter that was used here at King Roti tasted better – rich, salty and fragrant. The buns were just so fresh and so moreish, we had to go back the next day to buy some more. If you love bread especially this kind of coffee bun, you cannot miss out King Roti when in Hanoi. It’s a bonus that they open very early in the morning and close very late at night so if you need to grab something before heading to the airport for an early flight or need supper before bedtime, come and get their buns. Best to try all flavours and see which one you like the most. 😉

King Roti
34 Hang Gai, Hoan Kiem
Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: +84 90 491 22 25
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KingRotiVietnam/
Opening hours: 6.45am to 11.30pm daily

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