KOI Cafe – The Best Bubble Tea in Singapore?

KOI Cafe
KOI cafe at Ang Mo Kio Central
Everyone loves KOI. Or rather, everyone I know who loves bubble tea loves KOI. Even the recent top PSLE student commented during an interview that his fave drink is KOI bubble tea which probably hinted the ‘effects’ of a long term consumption. KOI should seriously consider getting this kid to endorse the product. We’d probably see more mothers queuing at KOI, purchasing all various kinds of concoctions for their kids to consume before the exams. Far-fetched indeed but I am certain some parents are already doing so!
KOI Cafe
KOI – the brand
Very interesting fact – KOI is actually the other name for the Chinese character “豆”which is slanted to the right so it reads ‘KOI’. KOI hails from Taiwan – the land of bubble teas. In fact, they stated that most of their ingredients are imported from Taiwan to maintain that same quality and same flavour as their two flagship shops in Taiwan.
KOI Cafe
Green milk tea with pearls ($2.40)
After reading all the rave reviews about KOI, I decided to queue (oh man, it is really one of the longest queues and waits I’ve ever done for bubble tea which I normally would not do) and try one myself. The hubby ordered a green milk tea at 50% sweetness while I got myself an Oolong milk tea at 50% sweetness too. I must say it was indeed one of the best bubble teas I had ever tried in Singapore. Despite it being 50% sweet, it was still sweet so I really wondered what it’d be like for 100% normal. Anyway, the fragrance of the tea was strong which I really liked plus the pearls were chewy but not soggy. The only downside was that there were too much pearls (to some people, probably this is good!) so my mouth was quite tired from all the chewing. It was like a meal on its own – felt so full after having one cup – in fact, I couldn’t finish the pearls, I had to ask the hubby to finish for me! The milk used was fresh too so it was a very enjoyable drink.
KOI Cafe
Blk 704 Ang Mo Kio Central
Tel: 6459 1518

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