Korean Yuja Cha 柚子茶 – Refreshing Citron Tea

Korean Yuja Cha 柚子茶

$20.00 for a large jar

Yuja Cha is a Korean traditional tea made from thinly sliced yuja (or citron fruit) peel and honey. Normally served hot (just like honey lemon) and perfect for cold and flu as it contains vitamin C which can help boost your immune system. It tastes good as well as a citrus drink.

I tried my first citron tea at The Palace Korean Restaurant while lunching with my colleague and thought it was a pretty refreshing drink so when I headed to Manna’s (101 Telok Ayer Street) the other day for dinner, I decided to buy this jar of honey citron tea home to make my own. Good thing about this is that you can mix in either warm or cold water directly. I always prefer mine cold. As this syrup contains honey, it’s quite sweet so probably about 2 teaspoonfuls will be good for one cup but of course you can sweeten to preference.

There’s quite a number of brands out there sold in Korean supermarkets and minimarts and after trying a few, I’d still strongly recommend this particular brand that is produced by Kkoh Shaem Food Co Ltd.

A good alternative if you find honey lemon boring.


  • Anonymous says:


    I was looking for citron tea and found your blog.
    Btw, did you buy this at Manna's restaurant or shop nearby? would like to try this one based on your suggestion. Thanks for the info 😀

  • Hi, I bought this from Manna restaurant. Had tried several brands from Korean supermarkets here but they didn't taste as good as this one, that's why I highly recommended it. Give it a try! Enjoy!

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