Korean Yuja Cha 柚子茶 – Refreshing Citron Tea

$20.00 for a large jar Yuja Cha is a Korean traditional tea made from thinly sliced yuja (or citron fruit) peel and honey. Normally served hot (just like honey lemon) and perfect for cold and flu as it contains vitamin C which can help boost your immune system. It tastes good as well as a […]

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Liang Liang Sugar Cane Juice

Sugar Cane Juice. What’s great about sugar cane juice as it probably tastes the same everywhere you go. This is a stall that specialises in cane juice. But I have never ordered it. Ice Lemon Tea ($1.20) What I really want to recommend from this stall is this home-made ice lemon tea. Only one word […]

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The Ice Breaker – Ingenious Fresh Fruit Slushes

I remembered the last time I was seated near this stall in this market, I couldn’t move my eyes (and attention) away from this stall. The colourful signage and the variety of blends on the menu kept me thinking what could taste good and what should I order the next time. Strawberry and Soursop ($2) […]

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