Liang Liang Sugar Cane Juice

Sugar Cane Juice. What’s great about sugar cane juice as it probably tastes the same everywhere you go. This is a stall that specialises in cane juice. But I have never ordered it.

Ice Lemon Tea ($1.20)
What I really want to recommend from this stall is this home-made ice lemon tea. Only one word to describe, ‘SOLID’. You can feel the after-taste of the tea flavour lingering on your tongue as you take a few sips. The slight tinge of lemon gives it a real kick and makes this such a refreshing drink. Forget about desserts like chendols or cheng tngs. Go for a ice lemon tea next time you visit the Ang Mo Kio Central market. *slurps*
Liang Liang Sugar Cane Juice
Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio Central Food Centre

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