Krispy Kreme to open first outlet at Tangs Orchard, Singapore this October!

Woohoo!!! Definitely the best news ever for donut fans like me! I have waited 9 years for this day!

It’s probably not a big deal to some of you because Krispy Kreme is probably readily available at where you live but for Singapore, this is truly a milestone as the donut industry here will finally be gloriously revived with what I call melt-in-your-mouth ‘real stuff’ donuts.

Ok, I know I can barely contain my excitement because I just can’t wait for Krispy Kreme to open. I remembered the first time I ate my first KK donut was when I attended college in the States in 2004, my mates and I often buy their donuts to eat on the go. If I wasn’t wrong, they had this ‘Buy 1 dozen, Free 1 dozen’ deal then so it wasn’t surprising that we always walked away with 24 donuts at one time!

Now whenever my husband and I are back in the UK, we will sure head to KK to grab some lovelies too!

Picture 615Donut Bliss!

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