Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor @ Universal Studios

After a day of queuing for rides and running in the rain, we were finally hungry enough for a late lunch at 3pm+. Decided to head to Loui’s as it was almost empty at that unearthly hour. Nice ambience for a New York-style pizzeria. And thank goodness, there was no crowd. I was so hungry, I didn’t think I could wait for a table if it was full of people.

Coke ($3.50 for large)

Mozzarella sticks ($5.80)
Lovely fried cheese sticks. Crispy (but not oily) on the outside and chewy on the inside. You will love this if you’re a cheese lover. The salsa sauce is not great though but anyway, the sticks are good enough on their own. For this price, it’s a bargain dish.
 Honey wings ($5.30 for 3 pieces)
Chicken wings are over cooked, hence the presence of black burnt parts. The meat is tough and hard to tear off. Doesn’t taste of honey at all though it is a bit sweet. Disappointing.
Pepperoni pizza ($8.50 for one slice)
Not the best pizza I have had but still good enough as a theme park grub. This huge pizza slice is served fresh from the oven (thanks to quick turnover so we can have a fresh bake!). The crust is quite thin and the edge is rather crispy. The pepperonis taste good with the cheese. Not too bad indeed.
Beef lasagne
I can’t remember the price of this as I only realised we weren’t charged for it after the meal. Obviously, the “order at counter, pay at cashier” system has its loopholes. I recalled telling the cashier our order but for some reasons, the lasagne was still left out. But anyway, even though this lasagne looks like some frozen dinner from the supermarket, it tastes surprisingly good. Again, thanks to quick turnover, our lasagne is also served piping hot with melted cheese. We can’t really complain. This is free 🙂

Loui’s NY Pizza Parlour
Universal Studios Singapore
Opens: 10.00am to 7.00pm daily


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