Love Lost & Found

When John and I first broke up many years ago, we tried to move on with our lives but we never did forget each other. I always thought about him even though we weren’t even talking and the distance and time lost between us only preserved our love. When we found each other again, we got married and we still happily are.

Life is indeed a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get…

Love Lost & Found
by Geri Tan

Love is lost through ancient times
Till the day you say you’re mine
When we cross all plains and clime
We will reach the ultimate shrine
My beloved, our love has yet entwined
It has been preserved by soaking it in brine
Life is good, it’s been so kind
I was able to cross all lines
Happiness makes me on cloud nine
It’s definitely worth more than just a dime
Grapes will grow in all the vines
When time is ripe, we’ll get our wine
And so with words, I shall now rhyme
I’m sure our lives will be as fine

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