Lunch Box Sushi and Potato Salad

Mondays are my husband’s eat-in days so he and his colleagues will have lunch meetings in the office instead of heading out to eat. For health reasons, he has requested me to make lunch for him since outside food tends to be oily and may contain MSG. As there isn’t a microwave in his office for reheating of food, I have to make something that he can just eat cold out of the fridge. And his all-time favourite? Gotta be sushi. He just never seems to get sick of it!

Lunch Box Sushi and Potato Salad
This was what he had for lunch on Monday. Japanese potato salad and lunch box sushi consisting of futomaki (thick sushi rolls), tamago sushi (egg), crabstick sushi, tuna mayo sushi and various makis.

Making sushi may be tedious due to the various steps involved – cooking of Japanese rice, preparation of ingredients, assembling the sushi, etc. But the good thing about this is you can basically use any ingredients that you like (prawns, squids, even meat) or have in the fridge so it’s a very versatile dish. Plus if you make too much, you can always store in the fridge for next day. It fills you up and is healthy too so long you go easy on the Japanese mayo in the potato salad.

Lunch Box Sushi
And I had the same for lunch.

If you’re sick of having packed sandwiches or leftover dinners for lunch, why not try making some sushi today? All ingredients are readily available at the supermarket =)

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