Product Review: Magic Hair Velcro Pads

I came across these magic hair pads on Qoo10 when I was hunting for interesting knick knacks and was quite intrigued by the listing description on the usefulness of these pads. These pads were also highly recommended by the popular Taiwanese beauty talk show 女人我最大.

Actually these pads are really just standard velcro that we see or use in our daily life except they come in pretty colours of blue, pink & more. It’s just amazing to know how velcro can be transformed into a beauty tool that is both cheap and useful.

IMG_0011S$1.00 for a pack of 2 pieces (including shipping)

I literally use my magic pad all the time when I’m home. Seriously I don’t think I want to be caught in the public eye with a velcro pad on my hair when I’m out even though I did see a woman (probably in her late 40s) pinning up her fringe with the same pad at the supermarket the other day. She probably forgot to remove it or perhaps she was trying to set a trend of using velcro as a hair accessory. Whatever it was, she just looked amusing ;p

The reasons why I think the pad is a must-have for any woman

1. If you have fringe that falls on your forehead like me which can be quite annoying sometimes, you can just pin up your fringe with the magic pad.

2. Keeping hair off your forehead means less pimples too!

3. When I’m washing my face and/or doing a face mask and I don’t want to get my hair wet or dirty.

4. When I’m showering and not washing my hair, these pads are useful to pin up those baby hairs or shorter strands that cannot be tied up with the rest of your hair. I much prefer using these pads than a shower cap!

5. After washing my hair, my fringe can get quite unruly and frizzy and just refuses to sit nicely on my forehead so I use the magic pad to kind of hold my fringe together. After an hour or so when my hair is almost dried, I will remove the pad and my fringe will be nicely in place.

6. These pads are light and gentle to the hair and won’t cause abrasions to your scalp or add unnecessary weight to your hair like what conventional hair pins and clips do.

7. There are many online retailers (Qoo10, eBay, etc) selling these hair pads at really competitive prices. So cheap, and so readily available!

One of my best hair buys indeed! =)

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