Taiwan’s Sweet Obsession: A Review of Mister Donut

Mister Donut, an internationally renowned donut chain, has been delighting customers with its sweet treats for over 60 years. In 2022, they opened a pop-up store at Jurong Point for a month and saw huge crowds every day. Donut enthusiasts waited in queues for up to three hours to savour the brand’s signature Pon De Ring donuts, which are widely known. The success of the pop-up store underscores the brand’s popularity and the robust demand in Singapore. Now, donut lovers can look forward to the launch of Mister Donut’s inaugural flagship store in Singapore, opening in May 2023 at Bishan Junction 8. Woohoo!

During my travels in Taiwan, I noticed the widespread popularity of Mister Donut. Their outlets were seemingly ubiquitous, appearing in shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores and even MRT stations, among other places.

Mister Donut Taiwan

Image source: Mister Donut Taiwan’s FB page

Mister Donut Taiwan

Mister Donut established its presence in the Taiwanese market in 2004 with the opening of its first store. Since then, the brand has rapidly expanded to multiple locations throughout the country, making it the largest donut chain in Taiwan.

Mister Donut has become a beloved snack brand in Taiwan due to its delectable and affordable donuts. The brand is highly regarded for its quality and innovation, offering a diverse range of classic and specialty donuts to cater to different tastes and preferences. Additionally, Mister Donut is famous for its seasonal donuts, which are introduced throughout the year to coincide with various festivals and events. These limited-edition donuts often feature unique flavours and designs. To learn more about them, you can visit their website or Facebook page.

Image source: Mister Donut Taiwan’s website


Mister Donut is renowned for its Pon De Ring (蜜糖波堤) donuts, which are prized for their chewy and QQ texture. In addition to the original flavour, they are also available in Strawberry, Chocolate Strawberry, Chocolate, and Double Chocolate varieties.

Image source: Mister Donut Taiwan’s website

In addition to Pon De Ring, Mister Donut offers an assortment of other treats, including old-fashioned cake donuts, French crullers, muffins, dango, and pies.

We tried the following items:

Mister Donut Taiwan

Pon De Chocolate 蜜糖巧克力波堤

The Pon De Chocolate was a delightfully chewy and chocolatey treat. The texture of the Pon De Ring, resembling mochi, was perfectly balanced – not overly dense nor too light – and the sweet glaze on the surface was rich and decadent.

Mister Donut Taiwan

Pon De Cocoa Cookies 餅乾可可波堤

The Pon De Cocoa Cookies was coated with a bitter-sweet chocolate glaze that had a pleasant cocoa taste. The sprinkling of cookie crumbs on top provided a satisfying crunch. The donut itself was chewy and had a pleasing texture. Altogether, the various elements combined to create a donut with rich layers of flavour and texture.

Mister Donut Taiwan

Cheese Muffin 北海道乳酪瑪芬

Next up is the Cheese Muffin, which caught my attention as I’m a big fan of anything cheese. The muffin’s texture was soft and airy, and it was generously filled with cream cheese. Additionally, there were cubes of cheese on top. The cheese flavour was not too strong, but provided a pleasant tartness to balance out the sweetness of the muffin. Overall, it was a standout item for me.

Mister Donut Taiwan

Choco Fashioned 巧克力歐菲香

Upon taking a bite, the outer layer had a subtle crispiness and crunch, while the inside had a cake-like texture that was soft, moist, and had a milky aroma. It resembled a ‘fried cake’ covered in chocolate. St. Leaven Bakery in Takashimaya has a similar donut like this too, which is exactly the cakey kind of donut I like. 🙂


Mister Donut has not only become popular in Taiwan but has also spread worldwide. With the upcoming opening of their first flagship store in Singapore, donut lovers in the city-state can now get a taste of their delectable treats. So whether you’re in Taiwan, Singapore, or anywhere else where Mister Donut is available, be sure to treat yourself to their mouthwatering donuts!

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