Mr Teh Tarik Ang Mo Kio – Fried fish soup is the best but their zi char stall is also worth trying

I shared the below picture on Instagram last year.

Mr Teh Tarik Ang Mo Kio

“I always like the fish soups from Arcade and Maxwell Market & this one is also quite on par if not better. For just $4.50, it comes with an incredibly generous portion of fried fish, chye sim, tomatoes and silken tofu. The broth is laden with fragrance and sweetness of crispy dried flat fish and when paired with evaporated milk, it’s just dynamic. I can’t resist slurping up all that soup. Fish is fresh, not heavily battered & doesn’t have any rancid oil smell. My two thumbs up. ?? ?? ? “

So now you know why I often come to this neighbourhood coffeeshop. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a halal eating house by the way.

Mr Teh Tarik Eating House
Block 608, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5
Singapore 560608
Tel: +65 6742 5522
Opening hours: 24/7

One good thing about this particular Mr Teh Tarik Eating House is that the other stalls are also very worth trying. Besides the fish soup stall that I always patronise, there is a delicious Nasi Padang on the left hand side (the beef rendang is sedap!) and a pretty good Indian Rojak next door (sauce is sometimes inconsistent though). The Ayam Penyet stall also serves up a mean ikan penyet that gives you a whole fried fish. And for Western food lovers, there’s also Charco’s The Flaming Chicken that serves up Portuguese-style chicken, burgers, kebabs, salads and succulent ribs.


What I really want to recommend this time is actually the zi char stall there which I’ve tried at least 3 times and the food has never disappointed me as yet.

Mr Teh Tarik Ang Mo Kio

Some of my favourite dishes to order would include (from top in clockwise direction) the Hotplate Tofu, Tom Yum Seafood Soup and Salted Egg Sotong (squids). All of these for about S$30-ish including 3 white rice – perfect for 3 persons or 2 (if you have huge appetites).

The Hotplate Tofu always go very well with rice because it comes with a very savoury sauce. This is almost like a fried egg tofu, prawns, minced chicken and mushroom omelette. So moreish.

The Salted Egg Sotong is the ‘wet sauce’ type as you can see from the picture above but it is very flavoursome with lots of salted egg yolk taste in it. The squids are tender and not rubbery at all. The chicken and prawns equivalent of this dish are just as good.

Mr Teh Tarik Ang Mo Kio

The Tom Yum Seafood Soup isn’t the clear type that I usually like but this is also very tasty with the fragrance of kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and chillies really coming through. Best part is, it has a generous amount of ingredients in it which includes fresh sliced fish, crunchy squids, tender squids and juicy mushrooms.

Always see several tables of customers around us digging into chilli crabs and salted egg crabs. Look promising. Shall try them next time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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