Muddy Murphy’s Traditional Irish Cottage Pub

Muddy Murphy’s (or Muddy’s for short) never fails to bring back some fond memories for me. I was first introduced to this cosy-ambience pub about 8 years ago by my one and only soul mate ever, who is no more around. Whenever I come to this pub, I would think of my dear friend whom I still miss a lot. Life goes on without S but our friendship will always remain.
Anyway, enough of the emo part.
I’m supposed to be blogging about the food.
Muddy Murphy's
Blackcurrant and Lime Soda-Cordial ($5.50 per glass)
Fancy a non-alcoholic drink at a pub? Well, I don’t really like drinking wines or liquor at lunch time so I thought I’d go for a soda-cordial instead. I had tried the blackcurrant one when I was here last time so I ordered the lime one this time round. Pleasantly mixed, neither too sweet nor too bland. But I guess I would go for a cocktail or mocktail next time.
Muddy Murphy'sMuddy Murphy's
The lovely place mats
Muddy Murphy's
Morel Mushroom Soup ($8.00)
Oh I love this mushroom soup to bits! So creamy and yummy with tiny bits of real mushrooms to give that extra crunch. Mixed with a tiny bit of cream and olive oil and served with a warm bread roll with a dash of butter. This soup is simply to die for! I am not kidding. If you want authentic mushroom soup, please go for this. Forget about Campbell – it’s rubbish.
Muddy Murphy's
Shepherd’s Pie ($25.00)
My friend rated this 4.8 out of 5, the moment she sunk her fork in and took a bite. The top is made up of mashed potato and underneath is a thick gravy of lamb bits and peas. Just scoop a forkful of potato with the gravy below. The combination is simply divine. The lamb tasted so good – absolutely no ‘body odour’ at all!
Muddy Murphy's
Grilled Lamb Chops ($25.00)
Again, I’m not praising Muddy’s to the sky but this lamb chops gotta be the best I’ve ever eaten in Singapore. Three thick pieces of lamb served on top of a slice of butternut pumpkin with raspberry and red currant sauce. The sauce is soury sweet and it goes so well with the meat which is absolutely tender, juicy, succulent and simply finger-licking good! We actually used our hands and cleaned up the entire bone! But I must be honest – the pumpkin wasn’t fantastic.
Muddy Murphy's
Cross section of the lamb chop
See this – I’m definitely not lying. Slightly pinkish on the inside and glowing with juices. You know you just have to take a bite!
Muddy Murphy’s Irish Pub
442 Orchard Road #B1-01
Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade
Tel: 6735 0400
Website: http://www.muddymurphys.com
Opens: Mon – Thu 11.00am to 1.00am, Fri, Sat, Eve of PH 11.00am to 2.00am, Sun 11.00am to 12.00am

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