Muddy Murphy’s Traditional Irish Pub Part 2

While my first entry on Muddy’s was about its lunch/dinner menu, for now I would like to highlight its equally good bar food menu. A great place to hang out after work. I invited two of my colleagues to join me this time round.
Mango/Lime/Strawberry daiquiri ($16.00 per glass)
You can order a normal daiquiri or a ice blended one. Of course, we had all 3 flavours in ice. Having tried all 3, my favourite would be the mango that was fragrantly concocted. However if you like something refreshing, the lime daiquiri would be a good choice too. The strawberry tasted pretty normal, not much of a kick. The taste of rum was subtle so I’m sure it’d be very popular with the ladies who prefer a lighter drink.
Whitebait ($11.00)
Amazingly fried to perfection that wasn’t greasy at all. Very light batter that wouldn’t make us feel sickly. Very addictive too as we kept popping them into our mouths.
Combo basket ($32.00)
A basket consisting of spicy chicken drumlets, harris sausages, onion rings, fish fillets and potato wedges with tartar sauce and chilli crab dip. The chilli crab dip was to die for! I never even had such good chilli crab sauce at seafood restaurants! It’s a big pity the pub doesn’t serve chilli crab, otherwise it’d be a best selling signature dish for sure! My favourite among all the fried items would have to be the chicken drumlets! The sausages were meaty and quite nice too. The rest were quite greasy though the taste wasn’t that bad. Anyway, whatever you dip into the chilli crab sauce would taste good!
Spicy chicken drumlets ($12.00)

So addictive, we just had to order one more basket of the chicken drumlets! They were so crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside and so well marinated, you could even see chilli seeds on the surface. The spiciness would hit your tongue gradually, not immediately as you take a bite. Wash that down with beer, that’d be some awesomely good pub grub in town.

Muddy Murphy’s Irish Pub
442 Orchard Road #B1-01
Orchard Hotel Shopping Arcade
Tel: 6735 0400
Opens: Mon – Thu 11.00am to 1.00am, Fri, Sat, Eve of PH 11.00am to 2.00am, Sun 11.00am to 12.00am


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