My Second Amazon Shopping Experience [Free Shipping to Singapore for orders above USD$125]

Finally arrived! I had placed my order in early December last year but due to the peak festive season, shipping was quite slow this time which was inevitable. I received my items in 3 separate boxes at different times over Christmas to the new year. Despite the holiday delay, everything came in good condition and I was very happy that they did use air-filled packing pillows this time unlike my previous order (read about it here).

Besides ordering some kitchenware as Christmas gifts for a friend as well as a pair of Birkenstock (at least 50%-70% cheaper to order from Amazon than to buy from stores here) for myself, here are some new additions to my kitchen collection:


Farberware Soft Touch 13″ Pizza Crisper US$8.99 (SGD$12.06)
Perfect for baking hand-made pizzas or to reheat frozen ones as the holes allow an even and thorough baking that leaves the crust nicely brown and crispy.

Wilton Non-stick 6-Cavity Donut Pan US$7.99 (SGD$10.71)
I already have a heart shape one of the same brand so this is just an extra for making standard sized donuts.

Pyrex Prepware 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set US$9.59 (SGD$12.86)
Perfect for baking, salad tossing or making of dressings/sauces whether hot or cold.

American Weigh Scales Digital Pocket Scale US$9.24 (SGD$12.40)
Didn’t realise this was so small so I sold it off in my eBay store. Good as a desktop weighing scale for letters & stuffs but definitely not for kitchen use.

Norpro Danish Aebleskiver Pan US$11.44 (SGD$15.34)
I bought this to make Japanese takoyaki (octopus balls) and I like that it’s made of heavy cast iron that’s good for stove top.


Wilton 12-Cavity Pops Pan US$5.59 (SGD$7.50)
Perfect for making cake pops and chocolate balls.

Chicago Non-stick Madeleine Pan US$11.39 (SGD$15.27)
This is bought in addition to my mini madeleine pan so I can make standard sized madeleines.

As mentioned before, prices on Amazon fluctuate everyday like stocks and shares but you can take your time to do your checkout only when you’re happy with the final prices. The tip to enjoy a real deal is to search for international brands on Amazon that are normally imported into Singapore and then sold at marked up prices here. For example, a pair of the Birkenstock I bought off Amazon at about S$33 costs approx. S$120 here in Singapore’s Birkenstock shop. And a Pyrex brand of measuring cup that cost S$6 on Amazon is retailed at S$23.90 here. For bakeware, I just love the Wilton brand because they are so affordable on Amazon but so expensive in departmental stores here.

Not everything on Amazon is cheaper than here so you’d still need to do your homework & research and do some comparisons especially for big ticket items. That’s the fun of shopping.

I’m planning for my third order of more Birkenstocks now. Happy shopping, folks!

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