9 Reasons You Should Sign Up For Netflix Today

My husband and I are movie buffs and we used to spend way too much $$$ watching movies in the cinema every month. And I’m sure we are not the only ones in Singapore who do that.


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When news broke that Netflix (an internet streaming-video/media provider based in the US) was going to be launched in Singapore early next year, many jumped for joy because it just meant we would have an additional channel to catch movies and American dramas/TV shows in the comfort of our own home, with an affordable monthly subscription that probably no other service providers could beat.


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Many peeps like myself have turned to using a VPN (virtual private network) to access Netflix US. Basically you’d need to subscribe to a reliable VPN service (with affordable monthly subscription fees – the more months you contract, the cheaper the monthly fee) that allows you to have a US-based IP address so you won’t be blocked from Netflix US due to current geographical restrictions. For those who would like to find out more, here is a detailed step-by-step guide that shows you how to sign up for a VPN account and also set up Netflix.

As a Netflix user myself, I just want to share my experience on how valuable this service or in fact, ‘investment’ really is.

Here are my 9 reasons you should sign up for Netflix:

1. Save Money With Affordable Monthly Subscription Plans

And we don’t even have to rent or buy DVDs/Blu-ray discs that are a waste of money and storage space unless you’re a collector. A VPN account and a Netflix subscription would probably set you back US$13.98 (which is <S$20) per month which is still cheaper than what StarHub or Singtel offers in Singapore for movie channels or movies on demand. Also, there is no need to waste money on overpriced movie tickets and popcorn sets too.

2. Never Go Bored With A Plethora of Movies And TV Shows

The reason why I’d recommend Netflix US to Netflix SG is that the latter would only offer a curated selection of movies and TV shows and not the entire library of what Netflix US has to offer. With movies and shows across various categories, there is definitely something for everyone at home.

3. No Need To Fight For The Remote Control

Dad wants to watch news. Mum wants to watch her cooking programme. Sis wants to watch her Korean drama. Everyone is fighting for the remote control which causes a lot of unhappy grouses. Such a familiar scene isn’t it? With Netflix, you can share your account with everyone at home and watch movies on multiple devices – computer, laptop, smart phone, tablet and even your game consoles. That means Dad can watch his news on the TV. Mum can watch her cooking programme on her laptop. Sis can watch her Korean drama on her mobile phone. And I can watch whatever I want on my iPad. Peace.

4. No Need To Wait For Later Episodes

This is the best part about Netflix. On conventional TV, it can get really annoying when we can only watch one episode a week and then we have to wait till the following week for the next episode and so on. With Netflix, you can watch the entire series all at once from episode 1 to the last episode so we can indulge in binge-watching. Woohoo! Remember to stock up more TV snacks!

5. Be A Home Couch Potato

Some people may argue that the experience of watching a movie at home and in a theatre is different but with many families now having large TV screens in the living rooms that are also equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems, what difference does it really make? I would rather watch a movie in the comfort of my own home while wearing my PJs! And I can have whatever snacks or junk I want while watching my movies without having to secretly ‘smuggle’ outside food into the cinema, haha.

6. Enjoy Original Netflix Productions

Catch the latest Marvel’s Jessica Jones, crime drama Narcos, comedy Orange Is The New Black and the ever popular political drama House of Cards that are original Netflix series that you can only watch if you subscribe to the service.

7. Catch Up On Episodes You Had Missed

Catch up TV always comes in handy. 😉

8. Watch Movies That Might Not Be Available In Your Country

Never miss out on shows that could possibly be censored. Now that’s a bonus.

9. One Month Free Trial

Because everyone loves freebies, haha 🙂 That’s right. You get one month supply of movies and TV shows at no cost so you can try it out before purchasing. Absolutely nothing to lose!

Entertainment has always been a major part of our lives and now with Netflix, there’s no chance to say there’s nothing to watch on TV anymore. Yay!

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