Oxtail Soup Recipe

I never had a good impression of oxtail soup until when I tasted probably the best Indonesian oxtail soup (also known as Sop Buntut) when I was in Bali some years back. Whenever I’m back in Bali for a holiday, it’d be something that I’d order to go with steamed rice. Refreshing and flavourful with the fragrance of fried shallots oil, that’s what I like about the soup.

I normally don’t fry shallots for my cooking so here’s a healthier and easy version of home-made oxtail soup.

Oxtail Soup Recipe

Oxtail Soup Recipe

Ingredients (serves 2)
400g-500g oxtail, blanched
1 large onion, cut into quarters
1 large unpeeled carrot, cut into chunks
2 peeled russet potatoes, cut into big pieces
2 bay leaves
2 tsps NO MSG chicken seasoning powder
salt to taste

1. Place all ingredients (except chicken powder and salt) in a soup pot and fill with enough water to fully cover them.
2. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and then simmer for at least 2 hours or till oxtail meat is tender.
3. Season with a little salt and chicken seasoning powder before serving.

Voilà! Easy peasy. My husband devoured all the oxtail meat because they were so tender, they just tore off easily. And if you have leftover soup, don’t fret. Just store in the fridge for next day. You can add some thin beef slices, vegetables and flat noodles in it for a nice, hot bowl of beef noodles. That’s what I did for lunch and it was a pretty decent one =) Enjoy!

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