Bento Box Idea #3: Pan Fried Salmon Bento

Bento-making is my newfound hobby. Somehow it can get really addictive and I really wonder why, lol. Perhaps it’s about the challenge of trying to fit ingredients within a confined lunchbox space. But what I really like about it is the thought I’d put into each bento before deciding what to cook so every bento lunchbox can be filled with nutritious goodness, appetite-whetting colours and most importantly, be a balanced-diet meal too.

Pan Fried Salmon Bento

Bento Box Idea #3: Pan Fried Salmon Bento

Ta-daa! This time round, I pan-fried a salmon fillet with skin on and made Japanese-style rolled omelette (added some mirin for a subtle sweetness) too. Using a cylindrical sushi rice mould, I made brown rice rolls sprinkled with toasted black sesame seeds. And not forgetting the usual vegetables of steamed broccoli, cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumber, lettuce leaves and edamame beans to spruce up the lunchbox.

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