Picodi Sale sniffs out the best deals on the web – compare, shop smart & save big

Singapore used to be an unknown little dot on the map but has now emerged as the world’s most expensive city to live in for the 3rd consecutive year. Having lived in Singapore all my life, seeing how Singapore has transformed over the years and of course experiencing first-hand the inflated cost of living, I can’t deny it is just so true. That is such a well-deserved title.

When I was single, I led a rather extravagant lifestyle because of a constant desire to disconnect from my daily obligations so I would eat out everyday, go on shopping sprees, have spa treatments, take frequent holidays, etc. In other words, I was just splurging money and clocking up credit card bills without properly managing my finances.

After I got married and bought my own house, I began to realise how important it was to watch my spending.

I started feeling the pinch when I officially became the ‘Head of Domestic Affairs’. What a glam title for a wife, lol. Running a household wasn’t (and still isn’t) an easy task. You might think spending $80 per week on groceries or $50 per meal while dining out isn’t a great deal but try adding up all your expenditures per month – mortgage loan, utilities, groceries, insurances, petrol, entertainment, shopping and what have you.

Picodi Sale sniffs out the best deals on the web - compare, shop smart & save big

Talking about shopping, isn’t it just so easy to get lost in the world of online shopping? And I’m not surprised if you are (guiltily) addicted to it. I’m sure many of us often wonder what happened to our salaries at the end of the month and why we always don’t seem to save enough (that is if we do manage to save any).

Picodi Sale sniffs out the best deals on the web - compare, shop smart & save big

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Are you in a similar situation?

I have previously shared my views on several coupon and deal websites in Singapore. And I must reiterate again that while such aggregator sites would not help you make money or increase your income (for eg. cash-back ones), they can be part and parcel of a new way of life – i.e. to spend wisely and save big. And the only way to do that is to make use of existing coupons and deals for your daily needs and your occasional wants.

Saving money is not about sacrificing the quality of life or compromising on the leisurely comforts that most of us look forward to after working your socks off but rather, it’s more about getting savvy with our spending.

Picodi Sale sniffs out the best deals on the web - compare, shop smart & save big

Some of you may have heard of Picodi, a one-stop aggregator that brings you the best of Singapore’s promotions, coupon codes and discounts. It’s a very useful coupon site that I often refer to. And I’ve enjoyed great savings by making use of coupon/promo codes for websites that I frequently order stuffs from. Decathlon, Uniqlo and Zalora to name a few.

Picodi Sale sniffs out the best deals on the web - compare, shop smart & save big

Recently they have launched a sister site, Picodi SALE, that currently showcases a wide selection of fashion products – clothes, shoes and/or accessories for both adults and juniors. The unique aspect of this site that makes it different from other deal/coupon sites is that we can compare prices from different brands all at one place without having to browse through individual merchant websites. Think, the fashion version of Trivago or HotelsCombined. It’s a real time saver if you’re looking for the best online fashion deals.

Not too long ago, I was looking for a new wallet for my husband as his current one needed replacing. So I went on Picodi Sale and clicked on Wallets under the Handbags, Wallets & Cases category.

Picodi Sale sniffs out the best deals on the web - compare, shop smart & save big

On the Wallets page, I selected ‘Man‘ under Gender on the left column and sorted the selections by Discount (high to low). It was a good way to find out what brands of wallets were on discount, where I could get them and at the same time check out new products/designs that I had never come across previously.

One issue to note however – a number of items on the Picodi Sale website are redirected to non-existing pages. I guess it’s because the site is fairly new. It’s still at the stage of fixing errors and improving user experience. And at the same time, implementing new products and categories too.

All in all, Picodi Sale isn’t just a platform for us to easily compare thousands of clothes, shoes and accessories. It’s also a site that gives us fashion inspiration in line with current/new trends.

Besides Fashion, expect to see new categories like Home & Garden in the time to come.

Ok, it’s time for some retail therapy now. 😉

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