Prawn & Fish Cakes Recipe

I think it’s a joy to be able to cook for people so I often invite the parents over for dinners and would whip up an assortment of Chinese dishes to fit their different taste buds. This Prawn & Fish Cakes with Long Beans is one dish that my Dad really likes even though he normally doesn’t eat prawns much because he limits his cholesterol intake. Because of that, I substituted half of the prawns portion with white fish instead.

Prawn & Fish Cakes with Long Beans Recipe

Prawn & Fish Cakes Recipe

Ingredients (serves 3-4)
300g medium size grey prawns, deshelled & deveined
300g white fish fillet (I used sutchi fillet)
8 strings long beans, chopped finely
1 tsp corn flour + extra for dusting
1 tsp sesame oil
salt & pepper to taste
oil for pan-frying
parsley as garnish

1. Using a cleaver and big chopping board, mince the prawns and fish together. Transfer to a bowl once done.
2. Add chopped long beans and corn flour. Stir well. Season with salt, pepper and sesame oil.
3. Shape into small patties, dust with corn flour and place on parchment paper. Put in fridge to chill till ready for frying.
4. Heat oil in pan and pan-fry the patties till golden brown. Garnish with some parsley and serve.

To minimise the hassle, you can also use a food processor or blender to mince the prawns and fish but do it on short pulses so the mixture doesn’t get too pasty. You would want bigger bits of prawns to be present so the patties will turn out crunchy instead of soft.

I used very little olive oil to pan-fry the patties as the family prefers less greasy food. Of course, you can shallow fry with more oil if you like so the exterior can be a little more crispy. I really like the crunch of the prawns and long beans. Dip the patties in sweet chilli sauce. Just yummy. Enjoy!


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