Product Review: Cielo Mousse Hair Color by Hoyu

I went to the salon and had my waist-length hair cut to just below the shoulder. And I felt good about it because psychologically, it was a therapeutic experience. It was like lifting a stone off me after it weighed down on me for ages. Anyway, my thick and heavy hair had caused my scalp (and head) to hurt for a while so it was about time to get rid of it anyway.

My hair stylist told me I had a lot of white hair around the crown area but I chose not to dye my hair at the salon this time as I wanted to try a new product that I bought recently. A D-I-Y hair colouring kit that I can do myself in the comfort of my home. It’s the first time I had bought a hair colouring product so I was quite excited (though a little skeptical) to experiment with it.

2013-10-09 21.54.39

The mousse comes in a pump bottle that can be easily dispensed. A pair of rubber gloves is also included.



Various shades to choose from. I picked 5P which is more of a dark brown hue.


It would be helpful if there is English translation for the directions of use. Thankfully, the step-by-step diagrams still make it a useful guide.

2013-10-09 22.13.29

The pump bottle is made up of two separate bottles, that is why upon dispensing, you’d see a dual-coloured foam.


That was how much white hair I had before I used this product! I had premature hair greying since my late 20s and I think it got worse as I hit past 30. Genetic factors, stress, lack of quality sleep, probably thinking and worrying too much must have reduced my production of melanin (pigment to make hair dark). Anyway, the consoling fact is, having white hair is better than having NO hair!

Well it’s the first time in ages that I have such dark coloured (almost black) hair as I normally dye my hair with reddish or brown hues so I’m not quite used to how my hair looks now. But I am impressed that the mousse has effectively covered all my dreaded white strands and has not left behind any greyish streaks.

So what’s my overall verdict on this product? I love it! It’s easy to apply. It’s not smelly like those products containing ammonia. It is suitable for my sensitive skin & scalp. It is easy to wash off. It doesn’t leave behind any bad odour after washing. It doesn’t dry or damage my hair (use a good shampoo and conditioner after applying hair colour will be fine).

And the best thing? It doesn’t leave brown or black streaks on my forehead or face when I sweat. There was a time when I dyed my hair red and I took a 15-minute walk to the MRT station on a hot sunny day and was sweating quite profusely. One lady in the train handed me tissue paper because she said I had ‘red paint’ trickling down the side of the face…how embarrassing! People probably thought I was bleeding on the head, lol.

At $17.90 per bottle, I think it’s a very cost effective way to colour the hair when I used to spend between $150-$200 if my stylist did it for me. Also, I need not sit at the salon for hours till my bum hurts just to have my hair dyed. The only issue is that each pump bottle is only sufficient for shoulder length hair. If you have thicker and/or longer hair, then you may have to get 2 bottles to ensure an even colouring.

I rate this product a 9/10. Highly recommended!


  • smurf says:

    Hi Geri ๐Ÿ™‚ I just bought myself a brown colour version of this product. I will be looking forward to trying it for my hair. I also find it hard to sit for long periods of time at the hair salon. Thanks for sharing this hair product, Geri. It will be fun to try this in the comfort of home. Yay ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • No problem! I’m sure you’ll find it a breeze to use this ๐Ÿ™‚ I just bought another set, one shade lighter to see if it’s more brown than what I have now. Happy trying it!

  • Pat says:

    Which of the brown colors dont leave the grey ,orange, and the scalp a reddish hue?::::also without having hair too black looking

    • Geri Tan says:

      I don’t think any of these shades would leave a reddish hue on the scalp because the foam itself is in a neutral cream colour unlike other hair dyes that stain the scalp easily. Opt for shades 1-4 if you don’t want hair to look too black. My hairstylist had mentioned to me before that the covered grey will only turn orange over time when exposed to sunlight as I had this problem previously so using a protective hair oil and the right shampoo could prevent this from happening. And of course, try to avoid going into the sun as much as possible. Hope this helps. Cheers.

  • rohan says:

    Hi, i tried this mousse for the first time and its not working for me, i applied it on my side locks for 1 hr but my grey hair r still the same… dnt knw if i m doing anything wrong or this is not a gud product.

    • Geri Tan says:

      Hello Rohan, thanks for stopping by. Normally I’d wash my hair the night before and not apply anything to my hair that might make my hair greasy or weigh it down before I attempt any hair colouring the next day as recommended by my hairstylist. And 30 minutes max is all that’s needed for my hair to absorb the colour pigment of this product. To leave on for an hour can be too damaging for your hair and scalp given this is still a chemical product. I’m not sure how you apply it onto your hair but I normally do a rubbing motion by holding my locks in my hand and rubbing quite vigorously with my fingers to ensure an even application cos I have a lot of white hair beneath the surface. At the end of the day, it really depends on the nature and quality of our hair. If this product still doesn’t work for you, you just have to switch to something else ๐Ÿ™‚ like skincare, it’s about trial and error most of the times. Good luck!

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