Pulau Tikus Hawker Centre – Wide selection of lok lok skewers!

On our last night in Penang, we went to Pulau Tikus Hawker Centre for our last supper. One week in Penang just flew by in an instant! I’m so going to miss all these good food we had. And of course, thank you to my readers for following me on my Penang food journey for the past 7 weeks or so. We really ate a lot, didn’t we? Haha!

We actually tried more stuff than what I had blogged about but I thought I would just share more about those places that were more unforgettable so you can also include them into your makan itinerary if you’re thinking of visiting Penang soon.

Pulau Tikus Hawker Centre

From G Hotel Kelawai, we took a 10-minute walk to Pulau Tikus Hawker Centre. It was a weekday night but it was really busy. Couldn’t even find an empty table so had to wait around.

Pulau Tikus Hawker Centre

Lots of different food options, mainly local eats. But there were also snacks, light bites, bread, pastries and even sushi.

Pulau Tikus Hawker Centre - Lok Lok

This is probably the best place for lok lok!

We settled for lok lok as we were drawn by the variety of skewers they had placed on the table. There was a pot of boiling water in the middle so just pick whatever you want and put them into the water to cook them. There were also various dipping sauces. Just scoop a few spoonfuls out onto your plate. Do not dip your skewers into them!

Some people might not be comfortable eating here as the skewers were basically exposed and we had to share tables with strangers too. So everyone was just eating and talking at the same time with all these plates of skewers around. We didn’t mind. It was quite a fun experience.

Just make sure you cook your skewers thoroughly. We even dipped fried items into the boiling water briefly, just in case, lol.

And when you’re done with your meal, just gesture to someone from the stall who will come over and count the number of sticks (labelled by colours – different colours different prices) and calculate your total bill.

Pulau Tikus Hawker Center
Jalan Burma, Pulau Tikus
10350 George Town, Pulau Pinang
4.00pm to 9.30pm daily

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