Rabbit Brand Seafood Delicacies

First level of the shop
‘The Rabbit Place’ as we now fondly call it, was highly recommended by a colleague for ages and finally we had the chance to come here for lunch. This is the place that my same colleague swears by its ‘chilli’. She usually doesn’t eat chilli but she just can’t resist the ‘chilli’ here which she claims she can finish one whole bowl of rice just with the ‘chilli’! Sounds really amazing.
2nd level of the shop

The exterior of the shop isn’t too eye-catching so you’d easily miss it if you don’t have the habit of looking at signboards. Of course, the rabbit logo is easily recognisable. The second level is where the air-conditioned seating area is unless you prefer an outdoor table on the first level. I had specifically taken some shots of their automated mini elevator where dishes of food from the kitchen downstairs could be transported upstairs easily. The lady boss at the counter downstairs sends change and receipt up via this system too. It reminded me of the old days where buckets with rope handles were used. Whenever something gets transported up, you’d hear the sound of a doorbell which was quite interesting for me as I was only sitting barely 2-3 metres away and kept wondering what’s awaiting inside.

This restaurant is usually quite packed on weekdays’ lunch time. We actually came just around 11.30am to avoid the peak hour so you may like to do the same if you’re in the vicinity.

We ordered Set P which is Top Shell meat fried with XO sauce + celery + rice set ($6.50). I was pleasantly surprised to know that chinese tea was free-flow (you’d have to pour it yourself from the canister at the corner) and that the set meal also came with clear soup and cheng tng dessert. The top shell was slightly chewy yet tender and really delicious. The XO sauce used was a little spicy and gave a good kick to the dish. The crunchy celeries lent its flavour as well and made it a perfect combination. The clear soup was also surprisingly sweet and had the taste of abalone in it. You know, those soup found in canned abalone and then you could use it for steamboat or soup. It tasted exactly like that. It would be better if the soup was served piping hot and not just warm though.

Of course, how could I forget to mention the real highlight of the meal and that is the XO sauce aka hae bee hiam (spicy dried shrimps) which you’d have to take it yourself from the kitchen downstairs. It was so good, we had 4 saucers of it! Simply mix them with the rice, you don’t even need any other ingredients to go with it. That’s how good it is!

We also had the spinach tofu ($2.10) which was fried to a crisp on the outside and simply soft on the inside. Very yummy indeed. The tofu wasn’t very big in size but perfect as an additional side dish to our already-filling set meal.

As for dessert, the cheng tng was overly sweet for me and easily forgettable. Don’t forget to wash down your meal with some hot chinese tea!

This restaurant charges GST by the way so don’t get alarmed when you see extra on your bill. You can also shop for Rabbit brand delicacies here like bird’s nest, shark’s fins, bottled XO sauce, abalone and more.

Rabbit Brand Seafood Delicacies
11 Circular Road
Tel: 6557 0874
Opens: Mon-Sat 11.00am to 10.00pm, Closed on Sun & PH


  • Hubby says:

    This food looks good in this place. Don't think i would have went it if it wasn't recommended. That just goes to show that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover!

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