I wrote this poem in remembrance of a special friendship that wasn’t treasured when we parted ways.

The ‘lift and escalator in our houses’ conversation…
The ‘lemonade & orange juice’ code names…
The cute stray kitten that we looked after…
Jack’s Place…
Famous Amos’ double chocolate chip with pecan cookies…

Thank you for the memories.

by Geri Tan

If rainbows could be plucked from air
Like threads be woven into hair
Or stars be seized from midnight sky
Vanished again in the clear blue sky
Else orchids fresh with morning dew
Daisies dance in breeze so new
Agonized hopes and ashen flowers
Never seem too sad to me
In the daylight morning bloom
Every man begins to gloom
Life is but a living tomb
Chances are thy passing fumes
Time will somehow heal all wounds
Never leave your heart to tune
Life will pick up very soon
Treasure it cos’ you are you

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