RedMart Singapore – A Convenient Online Grocer That Saves You Time And Money

Read on to find out how you can receive $10 RedMart Credits!

*For a limited time only, first time customers enjoy free delivery above $30 and existing customers enjoy free delivery above $49.

I used to (faithfully) visit FairPrice Xtra for my weekly grocery shopping because I enjoyed that touch-and-see experience when choosing food items until sometime last year when old injuries came back to haunt & hinder me from lifting too heavy. Sigh, my woes of aging, haha!

I had ordered off the websites of our local supermarkets like FairPrice, Cold Storage and Giant on a couple of occasions when I needed essentials like rice and detergent. One day, I came across this 15% off promo code for RedMart and decided I would give this online grocery service a try. I do buy a lot of stuffs as I cook so much so 15% off would mean a substantial amount of dollar savings.

Before I started using RedMart, I had thought that it was an ‘atas’ (upmarket) online grocer that specialised in gourmet and imported products. I was so wrong. It really was just a regular grocer and the prices of their products were so competitive. Almost on par with FairPrice (you can easily compare via their websites). In fact, after applying the promo code at checkout, the prices of most (if not all) products on RedMart would turn out to be the (oh man, it’s dangerous to say this!) CHEAPEST.

The best thing is, RedMart always sends regular EDMs to their customers, offering them special promos and discounts. Whenever I need to restock my pantry cupboard, a promo code would already land in my inbox for me to use which is perfect. I had utilised 12% off, 15% off and $15 off discount codes to date!

Besides promo codes, RedMart also gives delivery incentives. For example, get $1 off if you allow the delivery representative to arrive 2 hours before your stipulated timing and another $2-$3 off when you arrange for delivery on a later date depending on their available schedule.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 5.21.46 pm

See above – $18 off one order is quite a hefty sum of savings! I don’t even get similar discounts from FairPrice though product prices are the same. And I still need to lug everything home myself 🙁

Here’s a glimpse of the groceries I regularly get from RedMart:

Redmart 1

From canned food products to drinks to cooking essentials to detergents. I even ordered boxes of Dasani mineral water too in both large and small bottles. They only cost $7.50 (before discount) per carton of 24 (for 600ml) or 12 (for 1.5l). Cheap!

Redmart 2

Sometimes, certain products are discounted as part of bulk deals. Buy more to save more. Therefore I like to stock up on such items since we need to use them very regularly.

Redmart 3

Recently, the San Remo brand of linguine was going at $1.50 per pack – incredibly cheap.

Redmart 4

RedMart also started offering fresh produce couple of months back. Limited selections but growing over time. I was initially a little hesitant to order fresh produce. However, I was happy with what I had received so far. The vegetables and fruits came with little or no bruising.

Redmart 5

The only one time that didn’t quite work out was when I received my leeks in this broken state. I took a picture of it and sent an email to customer service on the same day. They made an almost immediate refund back to my credit card.

There was a time when the delivery vehicle broke down and my order couldn’t be delivered within my selected window of timing. And someone from customer service as well as the driver himself called me personally to inform me about it. Other times, delivery was always prompt.

I’ve been using RedMart for the past 8 months now. And I don’t see myself changing to another online grocer anytime soon as I’m happy with their service and with the products I have received to date. One main reason for sticking with RedMart is that they offer free delivery with a purchase of >$75 (easily hit), unlike our local supermarkets that charge delivery (tsk tsk) regardless of purchase amount:

a) NTUC charges $10.70 for purchase <$60 and $7.49 for purchase >$60.

b) Giant/Cold Storage charges $12.00 for purchase <$60 and $7.00 for purchase >$60.

The folks at RedMart are giving you $10 RedMart Credits that you can offset from your first purchase if you sign up an account via this link. (Do note only one account is permitted for each address.) What are you waiting for? Go claim your credits and start your grocery shopping today! 🙂

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