Restoran Ya Wang @ Jalan Segget, Johor Bahru

I’ve never seen money changers in Singapore been this hot before. People are just flocking to money changers these days to snap up Malaysian Ringgit as it falls (and continues to fall) to record low against the Sing dollar. Now, SGD1 can buy RM3. Goodness gracious. When can be a better time than now to pop across the Causeway to eat, shop, watch movies and sing karaoke?

Since my last post on the Food Street @ Meldrum Walk, Johor Bahru, the husband and I had returned again for another food-hopping trip. This week I will be featuring three eating places near City Square/JB Sentral and let me just start off the first post with a famous duck rice stall.

Restoran Ya Wang

And this is it – Restoran Ya Wang – which is also the consultant to Singapore’s Dian Xiao Er that serves up the signature Ten Wonder Herbs Roast Duck (十全烤鸭).

Restoran Ya Wang

Image source: streetdirectory.com/malaysia

So how do we get there? Well, first exit from City Square (next to MacDonald’s at ground level) to Jalan Wong Ah Fook. Turn left and cross the pedestrian crossing, turn right to cross the main road of Jalan Wong Ah Fook to the opposite side and then just follow the direction as indicated in red on the map above to Jalan Segget. It’s probably about a 6-8 minute walk. It is very easy to spot the restaurant as there is a huge roast duck hanging high, haha.

Restoran Ya Wang

Restoran Ya Wang has a humble outfit that is (delightfully) air-conditioned inside. If you want to order takeaway, you can just do so at the entrance area without going in.

Restoran Ya Wang

Once you’re seated, one of the friendly ladies will just come by your table to take your order.

Restoran Ya Wang

And there were what we ordered for the two of us. Everything for RM35.20 (approx. SGD11.80 inclusive of 6% GST and wet towel charge of RM0.30 per pax).

Restoran Ya Wang

This plate of Char Siew & Roast Pork Combination (RM15) was a 1 person’s portion. The char siew was of a lean cut and though it was very charred on the outside, it didn’t have the lovely smoky flavour that I was looking for. It was probably fire-burnt rather than BBQ-ed. Pity.

On the other hand, the roast pork was rather fatty and the skin wasn’t crispy like the ones we have in Singapore.

Both meats were decent tasting but not impressive enough for me to come all the way here for it.

Restoran Ya Wang

And this was their signature Herbal Roast Duck (RM11 for single portion). The duck meat around the boney parts was tough and chewy and the skin was half-crispy, half-soft but overall, it was quite lean with most of the fats underneath the skin all rendered off during roasting. What I really liked and which I thought was the hero of the dish was the subtly herbal sauce that was quite tasty. I was really surprised that they were the consultant for Dian Xiao Er because the herbal sauce at Dian Xiao Er was more robust and delicious than this. I had great roast ducks in Singapore before and while this was better in standard than the regular ones found in most hawker centres or coffee shops, it still wasn’t my type of roast duck. But it’s still worth a try especially for those who doesn’t like strong herbal flavour or very fatty duck. Plus the price was reasonable too after currency conversion.

Restoran Ya Wang

The Soup of the Day was Lotus Root Soup (RM6 per bowl) and it was very flavoursome with chunks of meat which I thought tasted like duck but the husband insisted it was pork, lol.

White rice was charged at RM1.30 per plate.

Restoran Ya Wang

Besides the roast meats, they also do tze char dishes and you can order their set meals depending on the number of persons in your dining group.

The husband and I had differing views of the meal we had. While he was pleased with the dishes we ordered, I felt they weren’t the best (not when they were supposed to be a notch above Dian Xiao Er). Well, to each his own. You just have to try it to find out 🙂

Restoran Ya Wang
28 Jalan Segget
80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
Tel: +60-07-224 8624, 227 1633
Opening hours: 8.00am to 6.00pm daily

Their second outlet is located at:

2 Jalan Sutera 4, Taman Sentosa
80350, Johor Bahru, Johor
Tel: +60-07-335 7653


  • Edward says:

    Meat itself in origin is tough and dry ( unless you enjoy added sauce flavours ) we went in because we saw a queue outside . Sadly disappointing . I personally prefer Meng Meng

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