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Update (December 2022): This caterer has ceased operations.

Now that COVID rules and restrictions are eased, it’s time to host that long-awaited lunch or dinner party for your family or friends. Woohoo! Or perhaps there is an upcoming special occasion to celebrate like housewarming or a baby shower?

We all know meal planning and cooking for a big group of people can be very stressful. Hence it makes sense to engage a caterer to take care of everything. Bring the restaurant to your home. All you need to do is to entertain your guests and simply enjoy the food.

Royal Cuisine Group: A Platform For All Your Catering Needs

In this post, we’re going to explore a little more about Royal Cuisine Group, a local caterer that has been serving up mouthwatering dishes through its extensive range of buffet menus and cuisines. It’s basically a one-stop destination for all your catering needs.

Let’s take a look at what Royal Cuisine Group has to offer.

Catering Buffet Menu (Lunch/Dinner/Tea)

Familiar & affordable catering delights from menus as low as S$10.80/pax to upscale international fare that will surely impress your guest. They do not just have lunch and dinner menus but also a range of tea menus that are suitable for every occasion, be it a corporate event or a home party.

Drop Off Menu

You will be spoilt for choice with their Bento selections. Price starts from S$5.00 per set for their economical bento. Besides local & international menus, there are also Peranakan, Vegetarian, Lean Meals and Low Carb options.

And for those who prefer to host small, intimate parties, you can take your pick from their range of Party Sets.

Peranakan Menu

Headed by a bona fide Baba chef, you know you are getting authentic Nonya food when you order from the Peranakan menu.

Celebratory Menu

Their basic wedding menu comes with a thematic set-up with a floral centre-piece, a dedicated event captain and a reception table with 2 chairs with seat covers. The top-of-the-range menu will also include a private food tasting session for 5 invited guests, a VIP table set up and plated service for 10 persons, a choice of wedding essentials (guest book, token box, wedding favours) and 2 chefs in attendance.

In celebration of your baby’s full month, the customary red eggs and ang ku kueh will also be included.

Live Station

Include Live Stations to liven up your party and treat your guests to ala minute food prepared upon order.

Thematic Decor & Dessert Table

Elevate your party or event with your preferred choice of Thematic Decor. Or impress your guests with a Dessert Table. There is nothing better than a sweet ending.

This is not all.

Royal Cuisine Group | Signature Seafood Shellout

*NEW* Signature Seafood Shellout

If you’re bored of the ‘usual’ catering menus and buffets and hope to surprise your guests with something totally different, you will like this.

Royal Cuisine Group has recently rolled out their Signature Seafood Shellout at an unbeatable price of S$218 (S$233.26 w/GST) per set which is good for 10 persons to share.

Royal Cuisine Group | Signature Seafood Shellout

Each seafood boil set consists of a generous serving of premium seafood:

  • mud crabs 1.5kg
  • scallops 1kg
  • clams 1kg
  • tiger prawns 1kg
  • blue mussels 1kg
  • salmon
  • new potatoes
  • chicken chipolata sausages
  • corn cob

And you can take your pick from the following selection of sauces:

  • chilli crab
  • cajun
  • spicy cajun
  • black pepper
  • salted egg

You can order this Signature Seafood Shellout on its own whenever you feel like having a little seafood feast at home or add it to your catering order.

Our Review of Royal Cuisine Signature Seafood Shellout

The Seafood Shellout was timely delivered half an hour before my mini party was to start.

Came in a takeaway box like this. Felt pretty heavy when I lifted the box. Such packaging is so convenient. I can bring this out for a picnic by the beach or as an add-on to a friend’s pool BBQ party next time.

Everything was neatly packed in aluminium foil trays and clingwrap to prevent spillage.

Even came with a box of potato chips.

Royal Cuisine Group | Signature Seafood Shellout

Upon unwrapping the trays, I caught a whiff of fragrant chilli crab sauce. We were all thoroughly impressed by the quantity of seafood in this.

Crabs and prawns were sizeable. Both were fresh with firm flesh that did not stick to their shells. I really liked the crabs as they were naturally sweet in flavour. How I wished they were female crabs with roes, lol.

Mussels were plump. Scallops and clams were tasty too. And the salmon was flaky and moist.

On the bottom of the trays (below all that seafood), you’d find corn, sausages and potatoes too.

The chilli crab gravy was moreish. Very flavoursome but not overly salty/sweet or starchy. Perfectly balanced. The more you eat it, the more you feel the spicy heat. Shiok!

I would suggest that you prepare some fried mantous or baguette separately so that you can use them to mop up all that delicious gravy.

Even though this set was meant for 10 persons, 6 of us (all adults) managed to whack all up in one shot. And we felt really full after the meal. But if you’re going to serve up extra sides besides this seafood set like mantou, bread, fries, etc, then it’d be good enough for 8-10 people.

Final Thoughts

We unanimously agreed that the Royal Cuisine Signature Seafood Shellout was a value-for-money deal as the portion size was really substantial. To have the same at a specialty seafood boil restaurant will probably set you back S$400+. Best of all, this can be delivered to your doorstep so you can have a ‘shelling good time’ in the comfort of your home.

The seafood was fresh and the sauce was tasty. And we didn’t feel extremely thirsty after the meal. Definitely recommend it!

By the way, Royal Cuisine Group has this employee-led initiative, Seeds of Kindness, that aims to help the less privileged. For every dollar spent with Royal Cuisine Group, a portion of the proceeds is channelled to various charitable initiatives.

Every order is valuable. Every contribution counts. Order your Seafood Shellout now and have a shelling good time!

To learn more about Royal Cuisine Group, visit their website at https://www.royalcuisinegroup.com/

* This is a media tasting courtesy of Royal Cuisine Group.

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