Seasonal Salad Bar @ Toa Payoh Central (1-for-1 Main Course with The Entertainer App)

I’m quite amused by the ever-changing names of the salad bar above KFC at Toa Payoh Central. It was where Sizzler once sat before the brand left Singapore’s F&B scene totally. Next came Chums Steakhouse. Then came Seasonal Salad Bar. And now? It’s called Krazy Salad Bar. While they were all different entities, what they had in common was that each served a salad bar buffet during operation.

Sizzler used to be my favourite salad bar after Ponderosa retired from Singapore. I had also dined at Chums twice before. The husband and I had wanted to try Seasonal Salad Bar just to see if it was any different from Chums which didn’t actually leave much of a deep impression in us.

Seasonal Salad Bar

And when we wanted to, it had already moved out of its premises and shifted to a new location next to Courts at Toa Payoh Central.

If you are using The Entertainer App, you may wish to know that Seasonal Salad Bar is one of the merchants that is offering a 1-for-1 deal for their main courses. Every main course entitles you to a salad bar buffet too. The husband and I picked chicken options for our mains and paid <S$32 after taxes which worked out to be just under S$16 per person. Not a bad deal.

Seasonal Salad Bar

The salad bar buffet had a pretty good spread. There were three options of soups, spaghetti with a tomato basil sauce, tortilla chips and fried potato wedges.

Seasonal Salad Bar

The DIY salad station had a good assortment of ingredients too so we could build our own salad with whatever we liked and also our favourite dressing to go with it.

Seasonal Salad Bar

If none of the main dishes catches your fancy or if you don’t have a ravenous appetite, you can also opt for the salad bar buffet on its own (S$17.90++ for lunch or S$20.90++ for dinner – not included in The Entertainer App deal) that already includes proteins like chicken, ham and egg, etc and other miscellaneous items that will sure fill you up. They also have this weekday (Mon-Fri) tea-time (2.30pm to 5.00pm) promo of S$9.90++ per person for the salad buffet – quite a steal!

Seasonal Salad Bar

How nice to see bitter gourd, asparagus, lotus root and fresh dates which are normally not included in most salad bars. Don’t forget to try the roasted pumpkin – they are delicious!

Seasonal Salad Bar

The pre-mixed salads selection were quite impressive as well. There were Hawaiian Chicken Salad, Prawn Salad, Black Fungus Salad, Tuna Macaroni Salad, etc.

Seasonal Salad Bar

And more classic ones like Waldorf Salad, Coleslaw, Egg Mayo, Achar and more.

Seasonal Salad Bar

Cut fruits

Seasonal Salad Bar

Hot dessert and fried snacks

Seasonal Salad Bar

Poached cold prawns

Seasonal Salad Bar

The soups we had that day were Mushroom, Chicken Broccoli and Minestrone. I loved adding the crispy croutons to the soups. Ok, didn’t quite match with Minestrone though, lol but perfect with the white creamy ones.

Seasonal Salad Bar Mushroom Soup

My favourite of the three was the mushroom soup that had plenty of chunky mushroom bits in it. Full of earthy mushroom flavour that wasn’t overpowered by cream.

Seasonal Salad Bar

The spaghetti with tomato basil sauce was forgettable because the sauce tasted like one out of a bottle so nothing to shout about. The tortilla chips had also kind of lost their crisp as they were left out in the open for too long.

Seasonal Salad Bar

Fried processed snacks like spring rolls and samosas weren’t worth that calories but the prawns were pretty sweet though they weren’t very big in size. Prawn lovers – this would definitely satisfy you. You can just peel the prawns and add them into your DIY salads as an extra protein treat!

Seasonal Salad Bar

I started with making my own plate of salad. Loved the baby spinach leaves and the roasted pumpkin. Everything looked and tasted just so healthy as I didn’t pick my favourite Caesar dressing, haha.

Seasonal Salad Bar

Next, it was a plate of more sinful pre-mixed salads that had mostly mayo in the dressings so they were creamy and oh-so-yummy, lol. But I got extra vitamins from that cute and plump jalapeño if that helped, haha.

Seasonal Salad Bar Creamy Mushroom Chicken

For mains, Hub ordered the Creamy Mushroom Chicken (S$25.95) that had fries, onion rings and mixed greens as sides. A nice juicy slab of boneless chicken thigh doused with a chunky, flavoursome mushroom sauce. It was flawlessly executed as the exterior of the chicken had a lovely crisp and the inside was just tender. The fries were pretty good too – crispy and not too oily.

Seasonal Salad Bar Spicy Chicken

I had the Spicy Chicken (S$25.95) that didn’t look like its picture on the menu at all. The chicken was supposed to be a whole slab and not cut up like what I had – looked like unappetising leftovers. Because of that, the meat ended up overcooked and dry but the only good point was that the spicy marinate was tasty. Just the execution and presentation of the chicken meat were unappealing. What a shame.

Seasonal Salad Bar

See, I wished my Spicy Chicken look as succulent as this. Oh well.

Seasonal Salad Bar Ice Cream

Besides fruits, there was also soft serve available in just one flavour – vanilla. This is the type of ice cream consistency I like because it’s a cross between the easy-to-melt creamy soft serve and the firm, icy kind. You can opt for the cone which I would highly recommend as it tasted like biscuit unlike the type that McDonald’s uses for their vanilla cone.

Seasonal Salad Bar Ice Cream

Ok, I admit, I’m not a great ice cream decorator. This looked kinda funny, haha. But we enjoyed dressing up our ice creams with the sprinkles available – almond flakes, chocolate chips, ground peanuts, chocolate sauce and more.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable salad bar buffet because most of the ingredients were what I liked and most importantly, everything was fresh. Service was prompt too. Very value for money. With The Entertainer app promo, it just sweetened up the deal even more. Will be back. I’m already missing my salads. 😉

Note: Plain water (iced/warm) is charged at S$0.50 per person.

Seasonal Salad Bar
470 Toa Payoh Lorong 6
Singapore 310470
Tel: +65 6358 2998
Website: http://onionrestaurant.sg/seasonal_saladbar.html
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Seasonalsaladbar
Opening hours: 11.00am to 9.00pm daily


  • Daisy says:

    Great post! May I ask whether entertainment app’s offer for 1-for-1 main course deal includes the salad bar? Or does it only apply for the main course ala carte? Thanks !

    • Geri Tan says:

      yep, every order of main course includes the salad bar so yes if you order the main course. I’m not sure if Seasonal is still one of the app’s merchants so just check before you go down. Cheers.

  • Nido says:

    Hahaha….the way your sundae looks is just so wrong.

  • Isabelle says:

    Hi there, would like to ask. Which salad bar had a better spread and worth the value? Seasonal or Krazy salad bar? Looking for a place for one of my colleague’s farewell and is stuck between these two.

    • Well, both have very similar spread for the salad bar but I personally prefer Krazy to Seasonal as I like their pre-mixed salads & soups better. I’ve been back Krazy several times and the quality has been consistent so far but the last time I went Seasonal, it was a disappointing experience so I’m unlikely to patronise Seasonal again.

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