Seasons of Life

I love writing, that’s why I enjoy blogging but not many people know that I pen poems too. The thing about poetry is that it need not be a refined form of art because it is more of an expression of our thoughts and feelings and a reflection of our state of mind. Writing a poem to me is emotional therapy especially when you have nowhere else to vent your emotions. It is extremely comforting at times to just recreate those anger, frustrations and even resentment to something positively palatable to the mind.

This is one of my favourite works and I love how it can create the images of seasons in my mind as I read it. Enjoy.

Seasons of Life
by Geri Tan

Spring with hope and love
As the flowers bloom in joy
Bees come buzzing by
As the cold ice melts and die

Summer breeze invites
As the golden sun ignites
Warm mist feels so right
As the shining ray delights

Autumn maples fly
As the brown leaves dry and die
Ripe grapes in the vine
As the farmer starts to sigh

Winter cold at night
As the mountains all turn white
Green tree stood with height
As the festive mood unites

Seasons come and go
Movement smooth and slow
Rivers flow and flow
Do live a life that glows

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