Shi Fu Ge Salted Egg Fish Skin – Worth Splurging Your Calories On

I love anything salted egg and I can never resist crispy fish skins too. So whenever I spot salted egg fish skins for sale, it’s impossible that I will give it a miss.

One of my all-time favourite brands is the Dangerously Addictive Irvins Salted Egg Fish Skins that I had highly raved about some months back.

Not too long ago, I came across Shi Fu Ge Restaurant which was selling salted egg fish skins on Qoo10 and so I decided to buy four bottles to try. Do note you’d have to hit a minimum order of S$50 for delivery (+S$5), otherwise you would have to go down to their premise at 51 Senoko Road for self-collection. If you buy above S$120, delivery will be free.

Shi Fu Ge provides home delivery for seafood and tze char dishes too. On top of my salted egg fish skins, I also ordered their Crab In A Bag and Prawn In A Bag which I had blogged about earlier -> Shi Fu Ge Restaurant (食福閣) – Delivering seafood right to your doorstep.

Below is the link to purchase their salted egg fish skins on Qoo10:

Note: If you’ve any questions about the product, please send your enquiries directly to the seller on Qoo10.

Shi Fu Ge Salted Egg Fish Skin

Each bottle of the salted egg fish skins was priced at S$12.90 each. Shi Fu Ge indicated that the gross weight of this was 250g and nett weight was at least 180g.

When I first received them, they were warm to the touch. Seemed like these salmon fish skins were fried to order (bonus point!). However, I was quite skeptical about the accuracy of the weight. The bottle was smaller than other brands of salted egg fish skins I had bought in the past and the fish skins were also loosely packed. I put one of them onto my kitchen scale – true enough, it read 170g. The rest of the bottles weighed below 200g as well.

I highlighted this issue to the seller who didn’t quite believe me at first because he was very sure that the fish skins were weighed before being delivered and I had to show him pictures of each individual bottle on the scale. He immediately sent someone over to do replacement and the picture above shows the new batch that I received. Packed more compactly and weighed about 260g.

I hope from this experience, the seller will be even more careful when it comes to weighing of products so that customers will not be short-changed. +-10g is not a big deal but to be short of 30% in every bottle, that’s really too much ‘cos that’s almost equivalent to 1 whole bottle missing from my order.

Shi Fu Ge Salted Egg Fish Skin

Look at that amount of salted egg yolk at the bottom! That’s 真材实料, real salted egg yolk, not the powder or artificial type.

Shi Fu Ge Salted Egg Fish Skin

The fish skins were beautifully deep fried to a crisp and had a resounding crunch. Even without the salted egg, I’m sure the fish skins would taste just as good on their own. This wasn’t overly salty and the curry leaves lent a really nice fragrance.

For this price which is lower than most other brands (can enjoy more savings if you have coupons and Q-points to use), I think it’s pretty reasonable and value-for-money so long the weight of the product is correct.

Worth splurging your calories on! ????


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