Shi Fu Ge Restaurant (食福閣) – Delivering seafood right to your doorstep

I wanted to try out this food delivery service by Shi Fu Ge Restaurant which I had seen on Qoo10 for quite some time while shopping on the site so I invited the folks over for a little seafood party.

Shi Fu Ge Restaurant (食福閣)

I ordered 1 set of Crab In A Bag Imperial Pot Mini (S$59.90), 1 set of Prawn In A Bag (S$43.90) and 4 bottles of Salted Egg Fish Skins (which I would blog about on a separate post) off their Qoo10 store on Saturday night. I called them on Sunday morning to request for same-day delivery in the evening and was given the delivery slot of 6.00pm to 7.30pm. Kinda struggled while conversing with the person on the phone as he only spoke Mandarin. Basically, I had to give him my cart number (for multiple orders) or order number (for single order) and repeat my whole order (whether it’s mini or full-sized pot, spicy or non-spicy, crab or prawn, how many bottles of fish skins, etc).

Anyway, the delivery guy arrived earlier than expected at 5.45pm. I left the two hefty boxes of seafood on the dining table while waiting for the folks to arrive.

One hour later, I opened the two boxes and was delighted to see that everything was still steaming hot because the packaging was very well done. They had used aluminium foil to keep the food warm and outside the foil there was this huge pink-coloured plastic sheet that was probably meant to be used as a table cover – like how we would eat Louisiana seafood boils laid out on the table. Obviously it wasn’t possible to do this because there was so much gravy sauce in each box so we just left them in the boxes.

By the way, on their Qoo10 store, they also have a zi char menu so you can order meat or vegetable dishes to go with these seafood if you like. As there were only 4 of us, I thought the seafood would be more than enough so all I did was to cook rice and stir fry an extra vegetable dish. Easy-peasy.

Shi Fu Ge Restaurant (食福閣)

This was the spicy version of Crab In A Bag Imperial Pot Mini which consisted of crabs, prawns, mussels, clams and corn. The sauce tasted similar to that of Singapore Chilli Crab but without egg in it. And the more we ate, the more spicy it got – on a tolerable level though. Overall, this was really robust-tasting and flavoursome but we all ended up being very thirsty for the whole night after the meal as there was probably too much salt and/or MSG.

The crabs might be small in size but they were quite meaty. Not overcooked too as the flesh was still quite firm. Mussels tasted clean and the prawns were big, juicy and crunchy. Clams were tiny and most of that shrivelled meat had fallen off the shells but you would be able to find them back when scooping up the sauce.

To order the Crab In A Bag, here is the link:

Note: If you have any questions about this item, please send your enquiries directly to the seller on Qoo10.

Shi Fu Ge Restaurant (食福閣)

This was the spicy version of Prawn In A Bag which consisted of crayfish, prawns, mussels, clams and corn. It was exactly the same as the crab one except this had crayfish instead of crabs.

The size of the crayfish was very small but the meat was firm and sweet.

For both bags, there was really a generous amount of gravy. We had so much leftover that I kept some for the next day. Added some egg and ketchup in it and bought some baguette to dip into it – so delicious but yes, felt just as thirsty after that, lol.

To order the Prawn In A Bag, here is the link:

Note: If you have any questions about this item, please send your enquiries directly to the seller on Qoo10.

Even though each bag was supposed to feed 4-5 persons, the four of us did not have any problems finishing up both bags as we didn’t order any other extra dishes. Between us, we shared 3 crabs, 4 crayfish, 12 prawns, 12 mussels, 30 clams and 18 pieces of corn – portion was just perfect.

Occasionally, Shi Fu Ge might offer a special promotional price for the crab bag so keep a lookout for that. If you have cart coupons and Q-points, you should use them to maximise your savings.

Good flavours. Fresh seafood. Prompt delivery. And best of all, we didn’t have to worry about getting our hands all dirty while munching on the crustaceans as we were in the comfort of our own home. For those nights when you don’t feel like cooking or you need to host a family meal, can consider to go for this.

I’m going to try their other zi char dishes next time. 🙂

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