Sia Huat and Lock & Lock Warehouse Sales

If you’re into cooking and baking like me or you’re in the food business in Singapore, then Sia Huat is a place not to be missed. It is the leading choice of suppliers for many hospitality establishments and it boasts a large array of tableware, kitchenware, food service products and equipment. Its retail outlet at No. 7, 9 & 11 Temple Street is always packed on the weekends. This time round, I headed to their warehouse at No. 20 Pandan Road for their annual sale to check out some new bargains for my kitchen.

Sia HuatSia Huat

I probably could take home a truckload worth of products but I was sure the husband would raise both eyebrows if I did that. So after eliminating some needs and wants, I ended up with an assortment of glassware (including carafes at $2 each and whiskey glasses at $1 each), porcelain ware and claypots. I can’t wait to try out claypot dishes with my new babies!

There was a counter where you could redeem for freebies by filling out a feedback form (basically just seeking your thoughts on the warehouse sale and finding out the products you would like to see more of) and liking their Facebook page on the spot. These were what were given out.

Sia HuatDisposable wares and Zebra brand stainless steel spoons (12 pcs per box)

I’m quite impressed with the quality of these disposable wares – much thicker material and definitely more sturdy than the standard ones we buy from shops or supermarkets. The spoons are the same as what are used at some eateries for desserts or soups. Come in pretty handy though I don’t think I’ll use all 2 boxes of 24 pieces at once.

Just a street down the road at No. 2 Pandan Avenue, we spotted the Lock & Lock warehouse sale at Foh Foh Building.

Lock & Lock Lock & Lock

And yes, we left with new airtight plastic containers to store our breakfast cereals and a nice round one for salads too. Received a 3% discount by liking their Facebook page on the spot before paying.

Warehouse sales make good places for bargain hunting but what I really like about them is the variety of products on display. Of course, such warehouses are normally located at industrial areas so getting there via public transport can be a little troublesome whereas finding a parking lot if you drive is just as challenging. A day of warehouse sale shopping can be fun!

Join the Facebook pages of Sia Huat and Lock & Lock to keep yourself updated on their next warehouse sale dates.

Sia Huat
Lock & Lock

Do note Sia Huat’s warehouse sale is an annual affair whereas the Lock & Lock one is always on-going throughout the year.

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