Sixth Floor Oyster Cake @ Northshore Plaza Punggol

Stumbled upon Sixth Floor Oyster Cake when I came by Northshore Plaza to have waffles at Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream and Coffee.

Oyster cake – an old school snack that brings back fond memories

I’m a big, big fan of this old school fried snack which isn’t readily available in Singapore now as few places sell it. I was first introduced to oyster cakes by my late grandmother in the 80s as she was very fond of it and would often buy them. However, I didn’t adore them as much as she did because I found the oyster cakes to be rather greasy. I remembered picking out the peanuts on top to eat though, lol. As years passed, the craving just came along. It’s like how we would miss something when it’s gone. ?

Previously, I had reviewed the oyster cakes from Teochew Meat Puff (my all-time favourite) and Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake. So it’s something I wouldn’t miss if I see it.

Sixth Floor Oyster Cake @ Northshore Plaza Punggol

You wouldn’t miss Sixth Floor Oyster Cake when you enter Northshore Plaza from Samudera LRT station. A very clean and neat food kiosk with a small display of fried food.

Sixth Floor Oyster Cake @ Northshore Plaza Punggol

They had different flavours of oyster cakes but I decided to still get the original one to try. By the way, you can make use of your CDC vouchers here. Thanks to the lady at the counter who told me about it, otherwise my vouchers seemed to take forever to spend because I could never remember to, lol.

Not sure about the significance of the name. Perhaps the boss lives on the 6th floor? ?

Sixth Floor Oyster Cake @ Northshore Plaza Punggol

Fresh-tasting oyster cakes that aren’t cloyingly greasy

I took about half an hour to get home and the oyster cake was still nice and crispy. The peanuts on top gave a good crunch and I liked that the oyster cake didn’t ooze oil when I took a bite. Best thing was, this oyster cake tasted clean and fresh so there wasn’t any unpleasant scent of old cooking oil.

Sixth Floor Oyster Cake @ Northshore Plaza Punggol

As you can see from the cross-section, their oyster cake is loaded with filling. I could hardly taste the oysters which was a little disappointing. But I still liked how meaty that filling was and that they even added bits of prawn meat to give texture and sweetness.

Oh, and you definitely have to eat this with their chilli sauce. It was like chicken rice chilli sauce and really added a good kick!

A taste of unexpected nostalgia

Interestingly, Sixth Floor Oyster Cake didn’t beat my favourite brand of oyster cakes but it definitely reminded me of my late grandmother’s handmade ngoh hiang. The filling tasted the same! And for this reason, I would definitely come back for their oyster cakes again. ?

Sixth Floor Oyster Cake
407 Northshore Dr
#02-41 Northshore Plaza I
Singapore 820407
10.00am to 9.00pm daily

(65)8811 0241





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