Beitou’s Delicious Su Jia Beef Noodles You Need to Try

After a relaxing dip in the hot springs, there’s nothing quite like treating yourself to a heartwarming and delectable meal. And when it comes to satisfying your hunger and warming your soul, nothing hits the spot quite like a steaming bowl of beef noodle soup. That’s where Su Jia Beef Noodles (粟家牛肉麵) comes in—a beloved restaurant that has been delighting diners with their delicious and filling bowls of beef noodles for over three decades.

Su Jia Beef Noodles

Su Jia Beef Noodles has two locations in Beitou. The primary location, which we visited, is situated on Yongxing Road Section 1. The second location can be found on Zhongyang N Road Section 2.

Despite its popularity, what sets Su Jia Beef Noodles apart is its humble and unpretentious ambience. When you step inside, you’re greeted by a relaxed and casual atmosphere that instantly makes you feel at ease. It’s the kind of place where you can truly immerse yourself in an authentic Taiwanese culinary experience.


Su Jia Beef Noodles

Image source: Su Jia Beef Noodles’ FB page

The menu at Su Jia Beef Noodles is a treasure trove of tantalising options. Their specialty lies in a variety of beef noodles, ranging from the classic Braised Beef Noodle to the flavorful Dry Beef Noodle, the comforting Beef Soup Noodle, and the tangy Tomato Beef Noodle. For those who prefer alternatives to beef or noodles, fear not! Su Jia Beef Noodles also offers a selection of pork, chicken noodles, and rice dishes. And if you’re in the mood for some side dishes, they have an array of delectable options to choose from.

When it comes to ordering noodles at Su Jia Beef Noodles, you have the freedom to customise your experience. They offer five different types of noodles for you to choose from: the normal noodle, the homemade noodle (thick and chewy), the thin noodle, the mung bean noodle (also known as glass noodle or dong fen), and the vermicelli (also known as mian xian or mee sua). If you don’t have a specific preference, they’ll serve your dish with the default option of normal noodles.

The side dishes are conveniently stored in the glass display cabinets for self-service. As for the braised dishes, the staff will chop them into smaller pieces and serve them on a plate for you.

Here’s what we ordered:

Su Jia Beef Noodles

Signature Noodle 招牌麵

We ordered the Signature Noodle, which came with beef, tripe, and tendon. This dish offered a variety of textures to enjoy, with the soft and gelatinous tendon being a highlight. They cooked the beef to perfection, with generously sized pieces that were tender and effortless to chew. Even the tripe was tender and didn’t require too much chewing.

The broth was full of flavour, with a delightful sweet aftertaste. The noodles had the perfect springy texture, exactly as I prefer.

Su Jia Beef Noodles

Braised Beef Noodles 紅燒牛肉麵

This was similar to the Signature Noodle except it only contained beef pieces. What stood out was the presence of tendons in the chunky beef pieces, which I particularly enjoyed.

Su Jia Beef Noodles

Cucumber Salad 小黃瓜

The cucumber salad was crunchy and refreshing. It made for an excellent accompaniment as it served as a great palate cleanser for the taste buds. This allowed us to fully savour the delicious beef noodles to the max!

Su Jia Beef Noodles

Dried Tofu with Anchovies 小魚豆干

We also got the Dried Tofu with Anchovies, and although we didn’t have high expectations at first, we were pleasantly surprised. The dried tofu had a firm and slightly chewy texture that was enjoyable, and the addition of anchovies added a fragrant aroma and umami flavour that made the dish even better.

At each table, you will find a condiment station that is self-service. It includes items such as preserved vegetables, spicy beef oil, chilli sauce, and more, which can be added to your beef noodles according to your taste preference to enhance the flavour.

Final thoughts

Overall, the beef noodles at Su Jia Beef Noodles is a perfect representation of the restaurant’s commitment to quality and tradition. The combination of the flavourful broth, chewy noodles and tender beef all work together to create a mouth-watering dish.

Despite the relatively higher price of the beef noodles in comparison to other beef noodles available elsewhere, the portion size was generous, and the taste was outstanding. A visit to Beitou would not be complete without trying the beef noodles here!

Su Jia Beef Noodles 粟家牛肉麵
No. 2, Section 1, Yongxing Rd
Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112
10.30am to 11.30pm daily

+886 2 2893 7803



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