Things to see in Hanoi – More sights & attractions to explore

It’s Chinese New Year Eve! Gosh, by the time this post goes live, I must be busy in the kitchen preparing a 10-course feast for tonight’s Reunion Dinner. In the end, I still decided to cook and have everyone eat in because we couldn’t find a CNY menu that everyone was happy with – we’re […]

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Highlands Coffee Hanoi – The cafe with a view

After completing one round of Truc Bach Lake (read my earlier post -> Truc Bach Lake, West Lake Hanoi and Bo Bia) on foot, we came to Highlands Coffee, a popular Vietnamese cafe chain. The 2-storey cafe was like a red boat docked at the pier – very eye-catching even from a distance. Hubby said […]

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Donuts in Hanoi – Street Food or Tourist Trap?

When you’re in Hanoi, you will likely see these mass-produced donuts being sold EVERYWHERE. Women sitting down by the roadside with baskets of donuts. Women on bicycles (like the one pictured above) with baskets of donuts. Women walking down the streets with baskets of donuts. Whenever they spot tourists, they would enthusiastically approach them to […]

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