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Bacon Cheese Rolls Recipe 培根芝士酥皮卷

After making Oriental Sausage Rolls last week, I thought of using the remaining puff pastry sheets for something else. Something bacon-y and cheesy like these Bacon Cheese Rolls. Some of you probably know these as pinwheels. 😉 They resembled mini pizzas because I had brushed tomato paste onto the pastry sheets before adding the toppings. […]

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Oven Baked Bacon-Wrapped Sausages Recipe

Bacon-wrapped sausages are one of my favourite party or festive foods because they are so easy to eat, hassle-free to make and are well loved by both young and old. While we could do the same with frankfurters or wieners, nothing beats meaty sausages in natural casings like good old bratwursts because they are so […]

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