Japanese Curry Soba Noodles Recipe

Japanese curry soba noodles? Perhaps curry udon or curry ramen is more common here in Singapore but since I’m so hooked onto soba noodles these days, I just want to give this combination a try. The curry tastes so robust (I like S&B brand of Japanese curry sauce mix) and the gravy is good enough […]

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Curry Chicken Recipe

My godma popped by suddenly with fresh chicken wings and potatoes that she bought early in the morning to ask me to cook curry chicken for her. And I was glad that she also managed to get hold of freshly squeezed coconut milk from the market near her home. Fresh coconut milk really makes a […]

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Curry Chicken Noodles Recipe

There used to be a coffeeshop stall at one end of Liang Seah Street that served up one of the best curry chicken noodles I had ever tried in Singapore. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite found another one that could be on par with it. I have tried making the same at home using instant curry […]

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