Green Chilli Dried Shrimp Recipe

When J wanted to check out a new property recently, it just suddenly dawned on me that we are about to hit the 5-year MOP for our current flat. Probably not a good time to move yet. The Thomson-East Coast MRT Line will be ready by 2020 and that may just bring up the value […]

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Claypot Chicken with Chinese Sausage & Button Mushroom Recipe

My husband is always urging me to cook his favourite lup cheong (chinese sausage) as he really loves it. I prefer to buy the Golden Bridge brand of lup cheong in “Nu Er Hong” (chinese rice wine) flavour. Their sausages are less fatty yet flavoursome. Perfect for stir-fries, claypot rice and this particular dish combined […]

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Bean Sprouts with Firm Tofu

Stir Fried Bean Sprouts with Firm Tofu Recipe: Budget Meal Idea

The husband and I love bean sprouts because of its light and crunchy texture. Plus it is probably the cheapest vegetable you can get from the wet market (I bought mine for only $0.30!) so it’s really a very affordable dish. I try to pair bean sprouts with different ingredients for variety. If you like […]

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