Donuts in Hanoi – Street Food or Tourist Trap?

When you’re in Hanoi, you will likely see these mass-produced donuts being sold EVERYWHERE. Women sitting down by the roadside with baskets of donuts. Women on bicycles (like the one pictured above) with baskets of donuts. Women walking down the streets with baskets of donuts. Whenever they spot tourists, they would enthusiastically approach them to […]

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Banh Mi 25 – Delightful Fusion Sandwiches

No visit to Hanoi is complete without having a banh mi that many consider as one of the national foods of Vietnam. It is what I call a fusion sandwich as it originated since the French colonialism days. It is so easy to find a banh mi vendor in Hanoi as it’s readily available almost […]

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Bun Bo Nam Bo – Best Beef Noodle Salad in Hanoi

After checking into our hotel, we speedily made our way out to look for the famous Bun Bo Nam Bo whose beef vermicelli was said to be one of the best in Hanoi. If you’re staying in a hotel in the Old Quarter (recommended!), it’s very easy to get around on foot as most of […]

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