Swedish Meatballs with Gravy and Lingonberry Jam

J often says IKEA serves canteen food. Well, I kinda agree too because most of the dishes there come straight out of a frozen bag/box, bottle or can. Despite that, we will still share a plate of Swedish meatballs whenever we visit IKEA, haha. 😀 Canteen Food Can Be Comfort Food Too ‘Canteen food’ once […]

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Chicken & Mushroom Meatball Recipe

My mum recently gave me a huge packet of dried shiitake mushrooms which I had enjoyed cooking with as they were so plump and juicy. I steamed a fish with them in Teochew-style, stir-fried them with vegetables and even braised them to make minced meat noodles. Definitely tasted so much better than the usual chinese mushrooms […]

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Meatballs with Gravy Recipe

My husband and I used to go to Ikea once in a while for their meatballs. However, the standard and quality of these little morsels have deteriorated over the years. Now, I find them too floury for my liking. And we can’t taste the meat in them anymore which is a shame because their brown […]

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