Crispy Onion Rings Recipe (using panko breadcrumbs)

I had some leftover panko breadcrumbs from the tonkatsu I made earlier which I thought would be a waste if I threw them away so I decided to make some onion rings with them. I don’t normally use panko for onion rings (click here for my usual onion rings recipe) but there’s always a first […]

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Fried Pork Chops with Crispy Onion Rings Recipe

A fry-up lunch is almost non-existent in my culinary journey to date as I normally prefer to stir-fry, oven-bake or steam. So when a fried chicken craving hit me and I only had pork chops in the freezer, fried pork chops naturally came to mind. And since I was already planning to use (lots of) […]

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