Slurp-worthy Goodness at Ramen Kiou | Authentic Osaka-style Ramen

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, ramen is definitely one dish that comes to mind. The humble bowl of noodles in a savoury broth has captured the hearts and taste buds of people all over the world, and it’s not hard to see why. From the richness of the broth to the chewiness of the […]

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A romantic dinner by the Singapore River

I initially posted this pic on my instagram and was giving a brief description of what this was all about. Somehow, it ended like a poem that rhymed, lol. A romantic dinner need not be one with candlelights Having bentos by the Singapore River is just right Great atmosphere with a gorgeous sight Bliss and […]

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Ajisen Gourmet Town @ NEX

One thing that I like about Ajisen Gourmet Town @ NEX is that it houses two of its restaurant brands Ajisen Ramen from Kyushu, Botejyu from Osaka as well as one of its own self-developed brands, Aji-Tei (means ‘a restaurant of tastes’) under one roof so customers can get to savour different types of Japanese […]

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